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You can try coloring vinegar with red food coloring, then add baking soda when you are ready for the eruption. You could also try coloring water with red food coloring, then add a handful of alka-seltzer tablets when you are ready for the eruption. (Alka-seltzer is better when contained and then relaesed by itself)

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Q: How do you make the lava in a volcano for a school project spew out of the top?
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What are high school science project?

High School projects are experiments that high school kids do at home example some high school kids have projects such as how to build a volcano and how to make lava come out of the volcano

What do you to make a volcano for school project?

Making a volcano is a popular school project.

What materials do you need to make a Hearst castle project for school?


How do you make volcano alchemy game?

Earth + Lava = Volcano Fire + Earth = Lava

How Make a volcano that explodes for school projects?

Baking Soda and Vinegar, i done it for a school project it worked.

How do you make volcano on little alchemy?

Lava*+Earth *to make lava; Fire+Earth

What effects make when a volcano erupts?

Lava and rock explode out of the volcano then lava pours down the volcano covering the land then turning into rock making the volcano bigger.

What difference to a volcano would the type of lava make?

Composite volcano and has acid lava which is thick and is the complete opposite of the lava that comes out of a sheild volcano because that is runny and non-acidic

If I were making a science project what should I make?

You can never fail with a standard Volcano. Even better if you can get it to erupt in front of the class and spew lava.

How do you make lava cake?

With a live volcano.

How do you make the model of a volcano for a school project?

You can use clay baking soda and vineager haha

What happens after a volcano erupted?

After a Volcano erupts the lava that comes out dries out and can make a new layer of a volcano.

What does a volcano make when it erupts?

it makes lava and smoke

What is an expiremental design for science fair projects?

One easy experimental design for a science fair project is to make a volcano. To create a semblance to lava use baking soda and vinegar. This will spew out of the top of the volcano.

What materials make up a shield volcano?

Ash and lava.

What type of eruptions does the Unzen volcano make?

The lava is explosive

How do volcano's change over time?

They grow old and rock and lava pour down the sides of the volcano to make them larger as the rock and lava cools They grow old and rock and lava pour down the sides of the volcano to make them larger as the rock and lava cools

Can a Volcano make the sea warm?

probably not the VOLCANO but maybe lava erupting from the volcano, but only around the volcano, within a few meters.

What do volcano make?

they dont make anything. the lava is actually from the earth's core

How do you make a volcano for on a 6th grade project?

Making a volcano for a 6th grade project is very simple. Make the volcano out of paper mache and use baking soda and vinegar for the explosion.

Does volcano lava make islands?

yes they can; for example Anak Krakatau

how to make a volcano that explodes real lava?

though I think it is impossible

In the movie volcano How did they make the lava?

The lava was primarily made of methylcellulose, the thickening agent used in fast-food milkshakes.

What shape does sticky lava make?

The typical cone shape of a volcano happens when sticky lava erupts upward. Sticky lava creates a dome shape and the lava cools slowly.

How can a volcano be good for earth?

Because of the volcano some fertile land comes out in the form of lava. This can help to make fertile land.