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How do you make the most amount of money with least amount of time in education or training?


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Kids right out of high school who jump straight to the NBA make millions. But one assumes that's not an option for you. People with MBAs in Finance seem to do quite well compared to the amount of schooling they endure. If five years of college is not in the cards for you, you should consider self-employment. This will, of course, mean working like a dog at some entry-level job, perhaps 50 or 60 hours a week (perhaps even more) and working your way up to some management position. (Wal-Mart is good for promoting smart, hard-working, reliable personnel from within.) While doing so, you should live very frugally so you can bank as much money as possible. Find an inexpensive apartment near your place of employment, for example, so you don't need to buy a car and pay for insurance and gas. Eat economically and limit entertainment expenses to the bare minimum. Build up your savings and then open your own business. What? I have no idea.