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Try putting the key in the drivers door and locking it manually after you close the door. If you have a custom alarm then you have to play with the alarm button.

2009-08-26 07:50:25
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Where can you find the egr valve on a 1900 Corvette?

Pretty sure they didn't make corvettes in 1900. Maybe in 1990.

What make the security light flash?

A Relay [LOL]

Did they ever make a Corvette with a back seat?

yes they did make a 4 seater corvette.

What will make the security light stay on in a 1999 S10 blazer it will start but will not stay running?

security light on 1998 s10 start but cut off

Why does the radiator fan come on when the key is turned but the 1990 Chevy Corvette does not start?

to make sure the temperature of the fluid in the radiator is cool enough

What is the value of a 1983 Corvette?

Chevrolet didn't make the Corvette in 1983.

Did Corvette make a L45 engine?


What make is Matt Hardy's car?


Does Chevrolet make 2001 Lingenfelter corvette?


Where do they make the Corvette?

Bowling Green, Kentucky

What can you do with a 1995 buick lesabre with the secruity light on and car will not start?

When the security light is on you can not start the car. It is a security feature that is designed to prevent a car thief to fail at stealing the car. Ensure the ignition key is clean, then make sure the black chip in the key is centered in key, ensure metal contacts on black chip are clean. Try starting car after security light goes out. A failed attempt will cause the security light to stay on for a few minutes, do not attempt to start car until security light goes out.

Did Chevrolet make a 1982 ragtop convertible Corvette?

No, the last year for a factory C3 Corvette convertible was 1975.

How do i install 98 Corvette wheels on 93 Chevy truck?

Use 2" adapters with 5X5 to 5x4.75 lugs. Make sure they are hub-centric, the more expensive ones usually are. This will give you the correct offset to match your truck. That is how I adapted 95 corvette wheels to my 1990 454SS truck.

Where is the secrty light on a 99 olds alero?

The security light is on the dash board you will need to take it to a dealer and have the security tured off or do what I did and make a switch to turn the security on and off I don't touch mine cause its kooky but the only thing is that they don't make Olsmobile's anymore so take it to a Chevy dealer and they should be able to kix it for you.

How do you make a Ford Ranger faster?

Trade it in for a Corvette !

Did Corvette ever make a 525 engine?

how old are you?

What is the difference between a 1984 Corvette and a 1984 Corvette anniversary edition?

That doesn't make sense cause that would be the 31st year of the car.(corvette) They came into production in 1953. They did not make a corvette in 1983 so 1984 would be a 30th year. I've never heard of a 1984 anniversary edition tho.

What is faster then a Corvette?

so hi, a ferreatis faster than a corvette trust me im an macanical ingineer i make ferraris and corvettes

Your security light came on in your 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo how do you make it go off?

Sometimes you can reset the security light on a Monte Carlo. Open all the doors and then lock them and close them. Next, use the key to unlock the front driver's side door. If this doesn't work, the car should be taken to a mechanic who can diagnose the problem. When the security light goes on, it can mean something in the security system is failing.

How do you install center console AC light 1980 Corvette?

I installed a light assembly off the lamp assembly wire under the radio, as I could not find a bulb receptacle for the S\HVAC controls. The upper light I could not make bright enough, the one on the top of the console. I tried a 11 watt 12 V bulb and was still too dim to see the controls. Rpb, 1980 Corvette owner

What make a1990 corvette backfire through the intake?

A failing cylinder

What will make a Corvette backfire when you start it?

you tell me the year ill tell you why

How do you shut off parking brake light on 94 Corvette when brake is not on?

Check brake fluid level. Check parking brake switch- make sure it is fully depressed and has not become misaligned.

Body mount plates 1975 Corvette rusted do they make replacements that can be welded back to frame?

yes, most companies have these. check on the www for corvette parts.

How do you make your 1990 jeep wrangler brake lights work even after replacing the brake light switch?

Your fuse could be blown, or the brake light switch is improperly adjusted.