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why do you need to make up? is he someone that likes you back? if so then the first thing you need to do is talk about what happened. communication seems to be the least thing that people think about for fear of their feelings being hurt. but if you communicate you will at least know whats on the other persons mind. to me the worst thing in a relationship is not knowing! after you know let by gones be by gones and give him the biggest kiss you can find within you. and mean it! I'm sure the communative response will be a good one! ctr

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:35:45
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Q: How do you make up with the guy you like?
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If a guy likes you at school but you like another guy who should you like?

The one you like. Nobody should ever make you choose who you like. This is entirely up to you.

How do you make yourself look like a girl?

if your a guy wear make up by bras and stuff

How do you get the guy you like notice you?

go up and make a conversation its the best way

The guy you like knows you like him and doesnt like you like that but flirts with you all the time what do you do?

tell him do you like me or not? make up your mind! even if you like him, don't worry, he needs to make up his mind if he likes you or not.

How do you get a Guy to like you who likes another girl?

You can't make a guy like you... and if he already has eyes for someone else you might as well hang it up.

What should you do with your makeup to impress a guy?

I'm a guy, and I don't really like make-up. Just show your natural beauty. A bit of make-up could be nice, but too much will make you look like a slut. Just don't overdo it.

Do girls like it when guys make the first move?

personally i like it when the guy does the first move. but its all up to what you like .

What should you do if you like a guy but your friend likes him too but he has another girlfriend?

Tell your friend to like another guy and make the dude brake up with the girl.

When you get in a fight with a guy a I like should I pick up the phone?

Your question doesn't make sense. If you like a guy and he fights with you, you should just leave him alone.

Who do you get a guy to like you?

You can't make a guy like you or want to be with you. He will or he won't.

What do you do when you and your friend like the same guy?

Be honest with your friend and make sure that your friendship will last, regardless of who ends up dating the guy.

How do you make the guy you like like you back?

By becoming a change person. Study what resulted to the break up and work on it.

How do you make a guy you like like you?

There is no way to make a guy like you by force. He eather likes you or doesnt, that is the bottom line.

What do you do when you like a guy and he likes you too but don't show it?

just shut up and give him time OR make a big move on him to make him open up.

Have boyfriend but like another guy?

If you love the bf you have to make a choice. if you don't break up.

How do you make Justin Bieber mad?

Well if he has a girlfriend and if you are a girl beat up his girlfriend and if you are a guy and you like his girl make out with her.

How you you make out with a guy?

If you wanna make out with a guy then let him like you but be HOT and when its the time he and you will make out.Trust me

What hair and make-up do guys like best?

Depends on the guy. Most of the time they like their girls natural.

If the guy doesnt like you but you like the guy?

well theres nothing you kan do but make them like you

What do emo girls like in a boy that isn't emo?

They like a guy who is sensitive and funny. But you wont get away with just that, they like guys that are funny and up for anything. Just be nice to her and make her laugh. Any girl likes a guy that can make her laugh.

Why do you need makeup?

You don't need make up. If you are okay with who you are it shouldn't matter. real beauty is what's is in your heart not globbed onto your face, and if a guy you like can't like you without make up he's not your guy. Girls think they need make up but truly they need a self confidence boost. It shouldn't matter what you look like on the outside as long as you like what you look like on the inside! Hope this helped!

When can you tell a guy you like him?

After you bond with the guy you like, once you have done that then make your move.

How do U make a guy like you?

I think to make a guy like you, you should be yourself and i think he should fall for you if you are hot.

How can a fish make a guy like them?

yeah a fish can make a guy like them by giving them fish sexy looks :P

How can you get your best guy friend to like you cause you like him?

You cant make a guy like you just because you like them.