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An easy way to make water cold is to put it in the refrigerator. If this is not possible, adding colder water would make water colder. Actually, adding ice would make this process faster, as it is colder than cold water. And dry ice would make it cold even faster than ice (but dry ice is dangerous- be careful).

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the air make the water cold

Some people prefer their tea cold, and you use hot water for hot tea, and cold water for cold tea.

Unless you bought 'cold brew' tea, then you have to heat it. You can make 'sun tea and leave it out in direct sun in cold water, and let the sun heat the water and make the tea, without heat, tea in cold water will make very mildly tea flavored water.

Heat and heat make it cold, but cold and hot would just make smoke

the type of material you can use to make the temperature of water is to, use boiling water or cold water and if you mix them together you can get warm water, and if you use hot water you'll have hot steamy water and for cold water you'll have an ice cold water.

salty water would make and object rust quicker than cold water :)

Cold water. It isn't going to make much of a difference, but cold water is more dense then hot water and will support more.

make it cold or make it hot

Well what I do is leave conditioner in for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. It seems that cold water helps alot to.

Hot water makes you want to pee but cold water actually makes you pee.

Only if you are swimming in cold water. If the water is 75 degrees and up you are good!

stand in cold water everyday and increase it a bit more everyday

the hot and cold water become together then they make an equal tempature. warm :)

they make it hot or cold

Cold water actually should help make the sore throat feel better due to a numbing affect.

No you can't!!! The grass will die because they don't have the cold water they need. Hot water will make them die because it steams them. So water them with COLD water!!

Hot water will make sugar dissolve faster.

well polar bears don't live in water so it would make since if they have cold water to survive so yes the water has to be cold It would seem they could live anywhere, the water at the zoos isn't that cold and they reproduce too!

no, water evaporates and then rises, and then when it get's cold, it rains.

NO! It is not good for them and can make them sick

It may be in the main cold water shutoff or if you have a water pressure reducer it may be in the reducer manifold

Check piping. Make sure cold line going into cold side of water heater and hot side coming out hot side. Cold feed for water heater should come off main cold line. Make sure valves are open to and from water heater.

yes!of course...but it slight slowly grow of hair that cold.

cold water Steriods mountaindewPenis can shrink due to many causes such as from medication and from sitting in cold water.

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