How do you make windchimes?

Nature's wind chime:


1. Flexible Craft Wire & Fishing Twine 2. Small twigs 3. Leaf for decoration (optional) 4. Small stones 5. Stone beads 6. Wax paper cut into 2x2 inch squares 7. Crayons & paint 8. Foil 9. Glue 10. Wood craft sticks

Step 1: take 6 sticks (equally sized), place in the shape of a 6 point star, take your twine and rap around your 6 sticks, keeping the sticks separated.

Step 2: Cut 6 pieces of twine all different sizes from 4 inches and longer, each additional string should be cut a half an inch longer.

Step 3: Add all of your decoration to your string either by glue or you can tie all items on.

List items: 4- to weigh the end of your strings, 5-for sound and color, 6- kids can make pictures, 8- foil works as a back for wax pictures, and 10- works as a frame for all art work... PS kids can also paint on foil, looks nice! Have fun!