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You can't make him I afraid, he needs to get there on his own. Men, even if they feel it men take a while to get the courage to say it. DOn't push him or he will get upset and feel threatened.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-05 16:49:41
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Q: How do you make your boyfriend say 'I love you' first?
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How do you make your boyfriend say 'I love you first?

There is no way to make him say I love you first. But you can do things that make him want to say it. Such as doing nice things for him and being there. Maybe he just wants YOU to say it first!

What is something good to say to make your boyfriend happy?

say you love him

Will you boyfriend get mad if you say i love you first?

It depends on the boy

How do you say I love you first without your boyfriend freaking out?

I texted him

What to say whenever your boyfriend tell you how much you love him?

You make out with him as much as you can :)

How do you tell your ex boyfriend that you still love him?

you get him to say it first i know how you feel

How do you get your boyfriend to say i love you first?

5 Ways to say I Love YOULive by the Golden RuleSay "I Love YOU" when talkingLet go to the past to say I Love You.To say I love you, buy a "for no reason at all" gift.Go dancing

How do you tell boyfriend your in love with him?

Say "I love you."

How do you say I am in love with my boyfriend in spanish?

This is how you say "I am in love with my boyfriend" in Spanish: Estoy enamorado de mi novio

What can you say so your boyfriend can believe you love him?

You simply say to your boyfriend 'I love you'. If he doesn't believe you then you have to question why and why you're with him.

How you tell your boyfriend you love him?

say it say it

How do you respond to your boyfriend when he tells you he loves you for the first time?

if you love him, say same to him. HONEY you are lucky that he is saying it to u my boyfriend wont even say it to me! just say i love u too, but after i love u too put his name GOOD LUCK! :)

How can you make your boyfriend believe you when you say you love him?

first you have to look him in the eye hold one of his hands and put your other hand on top of his hand then say i love you if he still dosent believe next time you have sex then tell him

What are some good things to say to your boyfriend?

your amazing......i heart are you....i miss you...i love make me have my heart.....your love surrounds me

Boyfriend says i love you back?

Yes, a boyfriend does say I Love you back if he loves you. Although, some boyfriends do say I love you without realizing the true sense behind the expression. They say to make you happy. But if your boyfriend truly loves you, he will say it. I personally find ily as a less than capable of conveying the same meaning as I Love You. Insist upon use of the phrase only if he means it.

What do you say when your boyfriend tells you he loves you a lot?

If you do love him say I love you too

What do you say to your boyfriend if you really love him?

That's simple, say "I love you" :D

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

if you love him say i love you 2, but if you dont love him say that your not ready for that..

What quote can you say to your boyfriend?

I love you

Does your boyfriend love you if he acts it but never says it?

Yes, Mabye he's just not ready to say it. If he still acts like he loves you, then most likely he still loves you. Mabye you want to make the first move and say "I love you" first. Then mabye he'll know that your ready for him to say I LOVE YOU back. good luck! ~Olivia

How long does it take to tell your bf u love them?

Personally, I would wait until the boyfriend says "I Love You" first. If you say it first and he doesn't say it back, it could make things awkward and uncomfortable. Within a month and a half, my last boyfriend (my first love and only one I've ever fallen in love with) said "I Love You" and I responded back with an "I Love You, Too". I didn't mean it at the time, but I did five months later. It really depends on whether or not you're ready yet.

How do you know when to say i love you back to your boyfriend?

When you really do Love him !!

What can you do when a girl say they love you but they have a boyfriend?

Well , its so hard , but id say to her " where do we stand? How can you tell me you love me and still have another guy as your boyfriend? ....

When is it time to say I love you to your boyfriend?

When you are sure you love him but can't wait for him to say it anymore.

What do you say after you kiss your boyfriend?

After kissing your boyfriend say i love you or just smile at him and be flirty. I Personly would say I love you cause i do love him bu you can do pretty much any thng you want;)