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How do you make your breast bigger?



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To increase the size of your breast, you work out. I have a special routine that you can do. Pull your arms back so that your breast stick out. then, put your hands in a fist, and punch the air in front of you so that your chest move backwards. If you want to keep yourself going, do this 30 times a day. Some people say that if you speak while you do this, then it makes your boobs grow faster. To give your self a confidence boost, say this while doing the work out. "I must, I must- increase my bust!" And remember, do this 30 or 35 times a day!- Carly


You could also try these methods ,each one scientifically proven

1: Putting on some weight

2: Massaging the breast into lactation.

3: Sit down imagine them growing and feel them becoming bigger .

(This effect has been proven)

4: Hormone therapies

5: Surgery

6: Getting pregnant.

7: eat soybeans

exceersie the breast muscles or get a boob job

Putting on weight will be a very good way to have bigger breast. for every 10 lbs you put o your breast increase a size. I gained 50lbs and have a size 28 D.

I also eat 3 serveing of soy beans every 20 minutes ( if you are scared to gain weight do not do this) Soy beans are not filling. I gained 198lbs and now i am in a size D cup. Then i lost 86.4lbs now weighing 161.6lbs. (my doctor said 4'8" 11 year old 161.6 lbs is a perfect weight) I am 11 in a size 28 D cup.
You can't. The only way is to have surgery. You probably could get someone to massage them daily.