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To increase the size of your breast, you work out. I have a special routine that you can do. Pull your arms back so that your breast stick out. then, put your hands in a fist, and punch the air in front of you so that your chest move backwards. If you want to keep yourself going, do this 30 times a day. Some people say that if you speak while you do this, then it makes your boobs grow faster. To give your self a confidence boost, say this while doing the work out. "I must, I must- increase my bust!" And remember, do this 30 or 35 times a day!- Carly


You could also try these methods ,each one scientifically proven

1: Putting on some weight

2: Massaging the breast into lactation.

3: Sit down imagine them growing and feel them becoming bigger .

(This effect has been proven)

4: Hormone therapies

5: Surgery

6: Getting pregnant.

7: eat soybeans

exceersie the breast muscles or get a boob job

Putting on weight will be a very good way to have bigger breast. for every 10 lbs you put o your breast increase a size. I gained 50lbs and have a size 28 D.

I also eat 3 serveing of soy beans every 20 minutes ( if you are scared to gain weight do not do this) Soy beans are not filling. I gained 198lbs and now i am in a size D cup. Then i lost 86.4lbs now weighing 161.6lbs. (my doctor said 4'8" 11 year old 161.6 lbs is a perfect weight) I am 11 in a size 28 D cup.
You can't. The only way is to have surgery. You probably could get someone to massage them daily.

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Can cheatos make your breast bigger?


What teas make your breast bigger?

Nothing will make your breast bigger. No tea, creams, food, or pills. Breast size is determined by DNA. If you want bigger breasts gain weight or go get implants.

Does rubbing your breast make them bigger?

Rubbing your breast will not make them bigger as messaging is the best from downward to opwards position wth olive oil

What are padded bras made for?

This is for to make you to have bigger breast/nipples to have cups in the bra to have the illusion that you have bigger breast/nipples.

Estrogen do it make your breast bigger?


How do you make male breast bigger?

Female hormones or breast enlargement surgery.

Does massaging your breast make them grow bigger?

Massaging your breasts does not make them grow bigger. That is a myth.

Pressing breast increase the size of breast?

No. There is nothing you can do by yourself to make them bigger or smaller.

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How do you make your breast bigger in a week?

exercise a lot

Does touching makes the breast big?

no it does not make it bigger.

What can you eat for bigger breasts?

Nothing you eat will make your breasts bigger. The only way to make your breast size bigger is to have a surgical implant.

How can ice make breast bigger?

Ice cannot make breasts bigger. It can, however, harden nipples and make them protrude more.

Do pressing of breast make them bigger my girlfriend says so?

no no

Wil sleping without bra make breast bigger?


What to take to make your breast and butt bigger?

Cornbread & cabbage.

What foods can you eat to make your breast bigger?

dairy products

Can Breast Actives make your breasts bigger?

Breast Actives claims to increase breast size, but independent evidence is hard to find.

Has steroids changed athletes?


Why girls want a bigger size of breast?

To make them look hot for boys. Well girls want a bigger size breast so Boys get to like them.

How do you make your breast bigger natrually?

Can't. What you have comes from DNA and the only way to be bigger is to have surgery for an enhancement.

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