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* Get a good nights sleep. * Sit around all day and get little exercise. * Eat lots of carbohydrates. * Try to do yoga and get someone who can teach you a plan to keep you healthy. * Get plastic sugery. == == * Eat as much fried food as you can.

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Q: How do you make your butt bigger with food exercise or anything else?
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Does eating corn muffins make your butt bigger?

If you get enough calories FROM ANY SOURCE, your butt will get bigger... so will everything else.

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How do you make your butt bigger without gaining weight anywhere else on my body?

To eat potatoes, seems to work!

How do you reduce your butt muscles when squats are only making them bigger?

build muscle somewhere else! that muscle will burn the fat on your but.

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You can use butt and thigh exercise machines, an Ab circle pro or even go in for liposuction.

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Does chocolate make your butt bigger?

Sure! And so does any health food. Getting a "bigger butt" is all about storing excess calories, and not much else. Use up 2500 calories a day, and only eat 2000 calories and just watch that butt disappear. Why not try eating a small piece of chocolate before your workout? That way, you'll have a little bit of energy, and motivation to achieve your goals!

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What foods can make your butt bigger?

Foods won't necessarily make just your behind bigger. And becoming overweight unecessarily is not healthy. So your best bet is to start a weight training program that includes squats, an exercise that has been show to increase the size of a bottom by increasing the muscle mass. Never start a program such as this without consulting with your doctor first and a fitness expert who can set you up on the proper diet/workout program. A good exercise program would do you more to meet your goals than eating certain foods (other than a balanced diet). Oh, and make sure your mother has big boobs, too. That is important. Hi there. I haven't heard of any food making your butt big. I'm not sure if you are a male of female. Its simply down to your genetics. Fatty food that is high in carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, butter, etc (all food that makes you put weight on) can make your butt bigger as you gain weight. There are foods that will make your butt get bigger, but they also make your stomach, face, arms, legs and everything else get bigger too. Hey. I've heard that eggs make your butt larger. Something about them having hormones in them...

How can a bigger girl lose weight fast?

Exercise and eating healthy just like anyone else. Just because you are bigger does not mean it takes longer for you to loose wait. It depends on the person and how hard or easy it is for them to loose weight.

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What should your diet be if you want a bigger butt?

There's no special thing you can eat that will go directly and only to your butt, the body doesn't work that way. If you start eating more calories than you need, you'll get overall fatter. some of that fat will stick to your butt, some will stick elsewhere. Your genes will decide where your body prefers to store its fat, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Some will fill out in breast and butt and not so much on the belly. Others will be almost all belly. What you can do for a bigger but t"only" is to exercise those muscles(Gluteus maximus mainly), and to do that well you need the same kind of diet as anyone else intent on working out hard and building muscle. Carbs for energy, and a bit of protein for the body to build the muscles of.

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