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How do you make your butt larger?

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What does butt augmentation mean?

To make your butt larger. Add to it. Make it fatter.

How do you make my butt larger?


Are there any creams that make your butt larger?


Does eating bread make your butt get larger?


What exercises make your butt larger?

Squats, & lunges

What happens when you inject water into your butt?

hahahahahaha.... thats a funny question it will make your butt go larger lolz

You want to make your butt larger but find lunges hard to do Will a machine named Lifestep 9500 help enlarge your butt?


Can zovia birth control make your butt larger?

That is not a common side effect.

Can riding an exercise bike make your butt bigger?

it could strengthen your muscles in that area which could result in a toner butt with the impression of a larger size.

How do you increase your butt size?

You exercise and bulk up the muscle in your butt and your butt will look and be larger.

Is there any way of growing a butt if you were born without one?

Well, there's one way I know to make your butt larger and you can try weight lifting. If you use machines that strengthen the back of the upper thighs then they will also help shape your butt to look larger and muscular.

Does bill kaulitz want a girl with a nice butt or chest?

He prefers a girl with a larger butt than larger breast

How can you get your butt larger?

eat a lot of greens

What foods make your butt larger?

Your butt will get larger if you exercise, but if you want foods try healthy and nutrition meals. for example: * Beans- if you feel sick, or gas problem it means that it is working but you are not use to it so try to eat more. * Milk- drink a lot of white plain milk every time you have a chance to. * Chinese Food- this works on your butt and legs to make them look sexy if you are a female.

Do strawberries make your butt bigger?

No, strawberries do not make your butt bigger.

How do gay guys make love?

In the butt. What what in the butt. I said what what in the butt. You wanna do what in my butt? Let's do it in the butt. OKKKAAAYYY.

How do you make butt big?

A butt implant!

Does butt injection make your butt hard?


What landforms make up the Missouri river?

Four things: Butt, butt, butt and butt.

How do you make your butt look big in jeans?

You can not. However, you could make your butt bigger if you want to make your butt look bigger in anything. Just eat and sit on your butt, and it will grow.

Will donkey kicks make your butt bigger?

They will make your butt firm and perky.

Does doggy style make your butt bigger?

No, it cannot and does not make your butt bigger.

What foods make your butt grow huge?

Cock'o'nut. so if we eat cockonut our butt will become big? i already have a huge butt i want to make it smaller bread will make your butt bigger

How can you create a bigger butt?

The Gluteus Maximus is the muscle that makes up most of what you call a "butt". To make it larger, you need go up stairs. Using the stairs, you lift the entire body on that one leg and that is what the Gluts do.

Does the contraceptive implant make your butt bigger?

The contraceptive implant does not make your butt bigger.

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