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improve your physical appearance and your financial holdings.

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Q: How do you make your ex want to call you?
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Things to tell your ex to get him back?

if you want to get your ex back if hes going out with another girl kiss him and pash him and make sure your ex's girlfriend is watching and like call him and make the other girlfriend jealous

Why would your ex want you to go over?

Booty call.

How can you tell if your ex still loves you after being apart for a long time and reuniting?

IF YOU HAVE REUNITED THEY ARE NOT YOUR EX ANYMORE! Does he make time for you? Call you? Want to see you? Is he married? Does he respect you? All I can say, is go for it! If you want him back, tell him!

Shall you want to make a call?

Shall i want to make a call - Is it correct or not

How do you know if your ex want you back?

If your ex wants you back he/she will call, text, or e-mail you ALL the time.

Should you be on a dating website if i want my ex back?

that is your call if you really want your ex back then stay off of the website. but if you want to try and move on stay on the website! hope that helps

How do you get back with your ex if they are seeing someone but they still call and want you to be around?

Maybe they just want you to be their friend.

Why does your ex girlfriend still call you after the break up?

Because they want to get back with you.

How do you get your ex boyfriend to want you again?

make him jealous

How do you make ex girlfriend want yousearch?

Get an education.

Should i call my ex if you want her back?

let her come to you dont call you commen sence just leave her!

How do you make your ex jelous and want to date you again?

- make them miss you- NEVER EVER call them/text them!- if they instant message you, wait 4-5 minutes to reply- if they call, don't answer all despite!- get a new bf or gf and make out with them in front of your ex!- if you know a place where your ex hangs out, don't go there! it will make your ex think that YOU want them back, giving your EX the control and you never want to do that!Things to remember:- do you really want this person back in your life?- always remember the reason why you guys broke up- did anyone cheat?- did that person treat you like sh*t?Warnings:- please, oh please don't get your hopes up!- don't run up to them and say " LET'S GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!"- NEVER EVER beg!- if they don't want you back, it's their loss.Good Luck : ]

How do you make your ex girlfriend notice you?

Well, if she's your ex: she probably doesn't want anything to do with you.

When is it good to call an ex boyfriend?

Not all ex-boyfriends are the same. Some are basically good people and good friends who just didn't work out as boyfriends but who could still be friends, so if you call, you still have a friendship. Others have turned out to be the kind of people whom you really don't want to know at all, with unpleasant personalities that make them unsuitable as either boyfriends or as friends, so you wouldn't want to call that kind of ex-boyfriend.

How do you make your ex boyfriend call you?

You can't make him call you. 'Ex' means the relationship is over. The only source you have left to be sure he doesn't love you any longer is to get out there and date and stop waiting for him to turn up.

What is a synonym for manufacture?

make or produce ex. I want to manufacture that toy.

How can you get your ex to get back with you if he doesn't want to go with you?

You cant make anyone do anything they dont want to, but you could always try. If you really want your ex to want you then just remind him of all the good things, try to make him miss you and what you two had. Why would you want to be with someone who does not want to be with you? Have you taken leave of your senses!!!?

How do you make your ex want you?

if you just d i e he will be so impressed hell want to date you

Love songs to get back with an ex?

I want to make love in this club by ushier

How do you get your ex to make a move?

You don't. If you really want to know if their gone then that simply means your better off without them... and why would u want your ex to make a move unless uyou are jealous of their new girl friend or boyfriend and you want them broken up

How do you make a man want you back?

You go out with his best friend and you give him the same stuff you gave your ex and you make sure he tells your ex and he will come back to you for sure.

How do you make your ex wife call or miss you?

We cannot make anyone do anything. The only thing we can do is -- perhaps -- make them sorry if they don't do it. Since your ex obviously isn't sorry she's your ex, it is highly unlikely that you can do anything about the situation. Get on with your life. That part of it is clearly over.

How do you make your ex boyfriend feel bad for breaking up with you?

Don't call him, move on. Once you actually move on, he'll want you back. But that's the tricky part, because if you've truly moved on, you won't want to get back with him, but if you aren't, then he won't want you back.

How can i tell if your ex still likes you?

if they flirt with you or call/text or even make an effort to take to you.

What are the different ways to make reservation?

Call Stop by and put your name in Online (ex.