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Scientific evidence shows that when exposed to water for long periods of time your finger nails grow faster. The tough protein called keratin begins to form quicker because keratin is made of 67% water.

Rubbing garlic on them makes the keratin grow faster, also. Get the garlic cut it up in pieces, make the juice of the garlic comes out and you rub that on your fingernails leave on for about 30 minutes then wash your hands.

Everyone knows that tapping your fingers makes the nails grow faster. Ask any pianist.

You can get your fingernails to grow by giving them a daily massage with sunflower oil, olive oil or almond oil. Even better if you soak your nails daily for about 20 min in warm olive oil. Take a biotin supplement, include a calcium supplement which also has vitamin D in it. Never just take a calcium supplement on its own, it will not help your nails.

There are lots, of ways to get your nails longer and strong. but most of the things on the internet [ advice ] never usually work. or are plain rubbish.

so this is something that im doing at the moment, and it is working well!

Daily :

Have a portion of fruit daily. [ if you don't already ]

2 pints of water.

1 Glass of milk;

Soak your hands in warm water for round about 5 minutes.

mostrisee your hands in baby lotion or a sort of hand lotion.

this will give great results, and please try this for a week, if it doesnt work and your nails do not feel stronger, or they have not grown longer, and quicker. please try for a few more weeks, if not. Leave it. this technique only works for certain peoples. usually the majourity of people/

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Q: How do you make your fingernails grow faster?
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Does tapping your fingernails make them grow faster?

yes it does help

Do fingernails grow faster than toenails?

Yes, fingernails do grow faster than toenails.

Does tapping your fingernails make your fingernails grow faster?

This is completely a myth! Tapping your fingernails only annoys people around you. It will not make your nails grow at all. It will not affect how fast your nails grow!

Does eating Jello make your fingernails grow faster?

Not faster, but gelatin is supposed to make them stronger and less brittle.

Do fingernails grow faster in boys or girls?

Trick question.! Fingernails do not grow in either;

Do your fingernails grow faster in the summer?


Does jello help your fingernails grow faster?


Do the fingernails grow faster on dominant hand?

no they do not

Why do toenails grow faster than fingernails?

They don't. It's actually fingernails that grow faster than toe nails.. but why.. good question..

Are there cases where the toe nails grow faster than the fingernails?

My toenails definitely grow faster than my fingernails. I must be one of the unusual people in this world because everything I read sayd that fingernails grow faster. I know for a fact that my toenails grow faster, but I have no idea why. I wish my fingernails would grow as fast as my toenails! I don't think that toenails grow faster than fingernails, it's that toenails tend to be stronger so they don't break as easily. That's why it seems to some people that their toenails are growing faster than their fingernails; Fingernails are more susceptible to breakage because they are thinner.

How fast do your fingernails grow?

faster than your moms

How can you make you fingernails grow faster if you picked them short?

You can grow them out faster by putting vinigar on them for 10 minuits everyday for 2 weeks. Finnally you will find results. :)

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