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How do you make your girlfriend happy?


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Listen Yes...listening is very important. But also, letting her have her own space and being compassionate and considerate. you can also tell her true things about here like how beautiful she looks and that she has a sexy voice or name


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Ask her what would make her happy or what we should like to do differently.

Anything. He's him! He wants to protect his girlfriend, and make her happy, and have fun!

just praise her whatever you like about her. dis really make girls happy hope it will help

As a boy I know that when my girlfriend says she loves me and lets me do what I want sometimes instead of seeing or txting her it makes me happy. I was also happy when my girlfriend decided not to run away.

Give her anything that you feel will make her happy. Love is all about making the other happy.

It will not make your girl friend happy.

Talk to her, she can best answer how she likes it

In order to make your girlfriend happy, you can do number of things. These things may include buying her nice gifts, taking her out for dinner or movie, cooking a romantic meal for her, or taking her to a new place.

make him jealous by getting a fake boyfriend and he may come back to you. now if he and his girlfriend are happy and it was meant to be then he will stay with her.

Be honest and kind; listen; do the right things.

write her a letter out of the blue telling her how much you care about her.

yes he is happy with his girlfriend/fan Bonnie Kay

You can't it's irreversible, dump her and get a new one

Tell he she's right your wrong and your sorry

make her feel safe, tell her everyday that you love her and that you wont do anything in the world to hurt her

Make sure she is happy, keep her happy, make a move after 4 months, hang out with her alot, be cool, make friends with her friends, dont make her mad!

depends if you trust her but holding her back wont make her happy with you

You make sure that she is divorced and then put a ring on it. have a happy honeymoon!

text her...."im doing happy without you"

Try to make each other happy try to be friends if you can't don't talk to each other.

Then she prob. isn't right for youyour love is suppose to make you happy in everyway

You need to connect to your girlfriend by learning her. Learn the things that make her happy and try to express your love to her. Remember actions speak louder than words.

you should renew yourself and think of some unique ways to make her happy.

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