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How do you make your heater blow hot air in your 93 Toyota Paseo?



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There are 2 most likely sources of your heat problem. 1.If your thermostat is defective, you will get very little heat from your car. 2.You may have bad heater core. I will describe the thermostat problem since it is more easily repaired as a DIY( do it yourself) and is more likely to be your problem. First, make sure that your fan is working. Turn off your radio, listen to the air noise as your move the fan speed knob on your panel. Assuming that that is working, you need to check your coolant temp gauge. Its located on the bottom left of your gauge cluster. Start your vehicle, say for your normal morning work commute and observe the temp gauge. Your car may need 5-10 minutes to warm up depending on the outdoor temperature. After this time frame, look at the position of the needle on your temp gauge. If your thermostat is working properly, the needle should move to the middle of the range of the gauge. If the gauge stays near or at the bottom of the gauge, your thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced. If the gauge reads at the middle and you can't get any heat, you may have a heater core problem or your heater core vacuum valve is malfunctioning.