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How do you make your pasenger side power window on 2000 Hyundai Sonata go all the way up it leaves about Quarter inch gap?


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2007-02-07 23:41:33
2007-02-07 23:41:33

if it has a "tape" style window regulator, it may have jumped a few teeth, or broken a few off. try removing the door panel and inspecting the track for this. it is also possible that the seal around the window is gummed up, causing the window to "bind". this can be rectified by cleaning the inside of the seal thoroughly, and lubricating with a silicone based spray. rickyriot@comcast.net == New Answer Headline = GO TO A Hyundai DEALER AND PURCHASE A POWER WINDOW REGULATOR UPPER ROLLER REPAIR KIT FOR BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT FRONT WINDOWS. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE UPPER ROLLER IS BROKEN AND NOT ALLOWING THE CABLE TO TRAVEL CORRECTLY. YOU WILL NEED A DRILL, CENTER PUNCH, AND A 14MM AND A 10MM WRENCH.

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