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How do you make your seat belt chime stop on your 2008 dodge ram?


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January 23, 2008 2:53PM

To turn off the seatbelt chime in 2006-2008 Dodge Rams and some other newer Dodge vehicles, follow this procedure: Get in the vehicle, close the door, put on your seatbelt. Start the engine, wait for the seatbelt light to turn off. Within 30 seconds of the light turning off, unbuckle and re-buckle the seatbelt 4 times, making sure the seatbelt light responds (turns on and off) each time you unbuckle and re-buckle the belt. Ending with the seatbelt BUCKLED, turn off your engine. If done correctly, you will immediately hear one chime to verify the programming. To re-enable the chime, simply repeat this procedure. NOTE: Although the seatbelt chime will not chime constantly if your belt is not buckled while driving, it WILL still chime when you first start your engine, and the seatbelt light will stay on to remind you. The light can be deactivated also, but it is a much more complicated (and I feel unnecessary) procedure. WARNING!!!: DO NOT deactivate the seatbelt chime by cutting or splicing the wires to the seatbelt buckle under the seat. THIS WILL DISABLE YOUR AIRBAGS even if your belt is buckled!!! AIRBAGS are DEADLY if your belt is not buckled, so there is a sensor in the buckle which disables the airbags when the belt is not buckled. If you cut or splice these wires, you also disable that sensor. Turning off the chime using the programming option keeps your airbags working properly. Hope this helps, ENJOY YOUR DODGE!!! -Mike Vidal, Forked River, NJ