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How do you make your turtle more comfortable with you?


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January 13, 2013 5:36PM

Handle your turtle more. Let it get used to your and other people's presence by spending time in front of their tank. Even something as simple as doing paperwork or homework in front of the tank will allow your turtle to get used to your presence. Also make sure it gets used to seeing you move. Just be goofy. Dance to some music in front of the tank. If your turtle freaks out, just ignore it. Pretty soon it will realize that you will do it no harm and begin to observe you. While music may not be exactly soothing to the turtle, it will get it used to noise and it will become less spooky. Basically just let it get used to your constant presence (that's why puting it in your room isn't too bad of an idea).

Talk to it, let it know you won't hurt it.Play with it(hold it more often).Say hello to it in the morning and say good night before you go to bed if you have more

a tortoise has to have pride knowledge of you because it has to see you everyday. also to make tortoise like you if by rubbing their legs and tail they like that.

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