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You watch your portions. The general idea of weight loss is burning more energy than you intake.

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What drug makes you look skinny?

drugs dont make you look skinny, they make you skinny because you waste your life with the crap and dont take care of yourself.

How do you make big thick legs skinny?

fillet yourself.

Easy way to make yourself vomit?

Don't do that to make yourself skinny. You NEED the calories that your body takes in.

How can you make yourself look skinny?

Lose weight, wear clothes slighty larger

What can you do to make yourself look skinny for a special night?

you could try a diuretic to rid of excess water

How do you make a paper shuttle arm that will lift a 200 gram mass?

Figure It out yourself....... Just Make it skinny and long .......... nohomo

How do linebackers break throw the offensive line?

you gotta get skinny. make yourself skinny through the line and generate as much force as a possible but dont forget to keep pad level low.

What books would help to explain how to get skinny?

The books which would help to explain how to get skinny are as follows: Eat Yourself Skinny! which was written by Dr. Oz, Skinny Rules to Getting Skinny Today by Bob Harper, 8 Rules "Big Losers" Never Break which was printed in Readerå«s Digest and Your Fat Can make You Thin which can be purchased from Amazon.

Can marijuana make you skinny?

yes marijuana gets you skinny

What if you are in denial about being to skinny?

Then you are in denial. It is not bad to think that you aren't skinny, but if you think you are fat, then you need to set yourself straight.

How can you make your legs look skinny in skinny jeans?

The magic of skinny jeans, isn't just in the jeans. In order to make your legs look skinny, you have to wear the proper shoes. A pair of converse, vans, toms, Uggs, or flats can be worn to make your legs seem as skinny as you want.

Would i ever get skinny?

well,you see youll never know when youll be skinny but i gotta say it takes time to get skinny in time.What i mean is you should like the way you are cause just because other people are skinny dosent mean you have to.You should be proud of yourself.dont be other people be YOURSELF!

How long will it take you to look skinny you have fat rolls on your tummy so you look fat how long will it take for you look skinny if you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is not the answer, it will only make you sick and do permanent damage to your internal organs. A well balanced diet (see your doctor) and exercise are the only true ways to achieve your goal weight and rid yourself of excess belly fat.

Why are skinny jeans so popular?

Skinny jeans became popular because the Jonas Brothers wore them, so of course other people had to do the same thing as the "Hot Celebs" and P.S. Skinny are not flattering to fat people, don't wear them unless you are a good size or you will make a fool out of yourself! your welcome.

Does weed make you get skinny?


Do skinny jeans make everyone look skinnier?

No, skinny jeans can make larger people look larger

Does skinny jeans make your nuts smaller?

No Skinny Jeans Dont Make Your Nuts Smaller Bt Seeaty

Does being skinny make you look taller?

usually you look taller when your skinny

Why was denim and nylon Elastane chosen to make skinny jeans?

because they were skinny

Why are models so skinny and is there anyone to blame - twiggy maybe?

I would blame everyone who has to do with modeling because they put the image into peoples heads(especially younger girls) that you have to be skinny and beautiful to make in the real world.Be yourself, have fun!!!

What is better skinny or fat?

For your health? For yourself? For society? What is skinny? What is fat? its your choice so fat you can have heart probs so die! or skinny and could die from starvation your big fat or anoerexic choice

Is there a way that i can loose fat in my legs and make them skinny?

Road running is by far the best way to make your legs skinny

Why girls wear tight jeans?

because they make girls look skinny. If girls wore boyfriend jeans, then their legs would look fat. Yet, skinny jeans, are not skinny and wide as boyfriend jeans, which make girls look SKINNY. (Tight jeans are skinny jeans)

What can you make at home to drink to get skinny?

Lemonade without sugar. Nothing that you consume will MAKE you skinny. You have to move (exercise) and eat less/chew more than you did when you became un-skinny.

If you wear skinny jeans a lot what are you?

if you wear skinny jeans a lot, you are awesome! no, this answer is an opinion of my own, but you are just a person who wears skinny jeans a lot, you should try to classify yourself by the style of the clothes you wear. [: