How do you make yourself vomit?

Forcing yourself to Vomit

There are 2 main reasons a person would voluntarily try to force themselves to vomit: Food poisoning or Bulimia.

Food Poisoning:

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, where you have accidentally swallowed a chemical or have food poisoning/ alcohol poisoning, you will need to rid yourself of the contents of your stomach ASAP. Of Course it would be best to rush to the hospital, but if that is not an option, you can try the following:

  • To vomit you need to get some syrup of ipecac (it can e found at your local pharmacy) and drink a dose of it.
  • If you do not have ipecac you can stimulate your vomiting reflex by sticking your fingers down your throat. The vomit will come up a lot easier if you drink some water before attempting to vomit.
  • Sometimes looking at something that makes you sick (poop, other people vomiting, whatever makes you sick to your stomach) can help.

NOTE- this should only be done in serious cases of food poisoning, when you have no other options.

Bulimia, Vomiting To Control Weight:

Normally, your stomach will make you vomit only when something disagrees with it or you have food poisoning. The stomach is a muscle and if you induce vomiting your stomach will not know when to stop purging the food you eat and you are in big trouble! You are actually training your muscle to regurgitate food and disrupt digestion. if you are practicing Bulimia and it can trap you before you bat an eye.

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  • I have been bulimic for 7 years- you have no idea how bulimia ruins your life- please don't start making yourself throw up. Talk to someone about your feelings, and remember that no one ever thinks it will become a problem for them...I certainly didn't, and here I am. It didn't make me lose weight or be happy- just the opposite, I got fatter and feel depressed all the time... and that is without even touching upon the damage to my body. Please reconsider!!
  • Sticking a finger in the back of your throat usually does the trick. People can induce vomiting with syrup of ipecac (found over the counter), but Don't be foolish! Quit rolling those eyes and be more intelligent than to run out and buy a product that will make you vomit! You'll end up the loser in the long run. It's your life!