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How do you manage a commitment phobic man who truly loves you?

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"Commitment phobic" seems like another of those pseudo-Psychology terms that just means that the guy wants to be able to "cat around" whenever he wants. If a guy can't commit, move on. Some guys will never commit unless they see a need. If you tell him that you need more and that you're planning to date other people, he might actually come around. If not, don't bluff, follow through and dump him. It's tough, but why wait for someone who may never commit?

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What does a girl expect from her boyfriend whom she truly loves?

Make sure he truly loves you too.

How do you know if he truly loves you?

if he hangs around you a lot then hes ur guy if he kisses u hes ur bf if he makes out with u he is in a serious commitment if he looks u in the eyes and listens to what u say and hugs, kisses you and tells u u r beautiful NOT HOT! (this is important) then he truly loves u

How would you know if he truly loves you or if he is faking it?

I have a boyfriend who I truly love and will do anything for him.. He says he loves me and will marry me one daybut what I want to know does he truly loves me or is he faking it. I love him alot and care for him and his family. NOt to mention he is a mexican.

When he says he loves you but does not want commitment what it means?

Well it means he doesn't really love you truly he just loves your company from time to time but he is not ready to stick to you nor to spend the rest of his life with you.. bottom line.. that's not a true love and am sorry to say that.

What if your ex tells you he loves you and don't want to get committed to you?

Don't waste your time with him. He is a player or in his words "playa" and he will never be serious about you. He is selfish and only cares about how things affect him. If he truly loves you, then he would understand that love is a commitment in and of itself. For him to say that he "loves" you is just his way of keeping you around for his own sick pleasure.

Daisy truly love Tom?

No Daisy doesn't truly love Tom. She truly loves Gatsby

How do you get a your boyfriend to say he loves you?

be patient he will if he truly loves you it just has to be at the right moment

How can you find out if a guy loves you?

It is sort of obvious. If he truly loves you, he will tell you. If he does really nice things for you, he probably loves you.

How do you know if he really loves her?

Unfortunately, no one but him could possibly know if he truly loves her.

How do you know whether your boyfriend truly loves you?

i cant

Will a man come back if he truly loves you?



Yes she will because she truly loves him.

What is the meaning if a boy trusts a girl?

That he truly loves her.

How do I know that a man truly loves me?

if he calls you everyday and belive in that guy and if he kisses you alot he loves you

Not committed in love?

If your not committed then you are not truly in love is a commitment based off truthfulness

How would he behave towards you if he truly loves you?

If he truly loved you would feel it in your heart and see it in his eyes.

How do you know when a someone truly loves you?

a girl truly loves you when she tells you how she feels about you, but it depends. its true love when you can each imagine being in peace while holding each other.

Who truly love you?

Yourself. The only truly person who loves you is yourself. If you have good parents, they love you as well and same goes for your family and friends and brothers. :) Remember, Jesus loves you!

Would a guy friend avoid you if he loves you?

I would say no. If he truly loves you he would want to be with you whenever he can.

What are the proofs that a man truly loves you?

If he is willing to sacrifice anything for you.

Who does Justin Bieber truly in love with?

he loves Selena Gomez

Why would your ex say that he loves you but he sees you like alittle sister but he was your first and you have been in a relationship with this person 1 year on and off and he always comes back to you?

Becuase he is confused and scared to make a commitment but know that he truly cares but is afraid.

What does it mean when someone says that they love the person you are?

It means that he/she truly loves you and no matter how you are or how you look like, he/she loves you anyways.

What does Jacob feel when he's with renesmee?

Well he's imprinted on her, so he truly loves her, but as she is still a child he loves her as a child and she loves him like a big brother.

How do you know if your men truly loves you or not?

beckuz if he show deep felling

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