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How do you manage a creative department in an advertising agency?


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You can manage a creative department by making sure everyone contributes to the campaigns and does their job. You also have to contribute your own ideas for the success of the agency.


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Just as companies have accounting and human resources departments, many companies also have in-house advertising departments. These departments develop all or part of the companies advertising campaigns, which are designed to promote and inform potential customers about a product or service. In addition to overseeing the advertising department, the job of the Advertising Manager is to find the most effective means of communicating with potential customers. The Advertising Manager must identify target markets, set budgets, define goals, manage in-house department work as well as any outsourced advertising projects. Depending on the size of the company, the advertising manager may only administer work and oversee ad creation and placement. In a small company, the advertising manager may have more of a hands-on role. If the company outsources all of its work to an advertising agency, the job of the advertising manager is to work closely with the agency by providing it with the company’s ideas and market research as well as supervision of the account. Advertising managers often report to an executive. Salaries for Advertising Managers vary greatly and depend on the size, location and type of company. According to data from dated November 2009, the average salary for an advertising manager in the United States was $78,000. Advertising managers often receive health care benefits, retirement options, paid vacations and holidays. Some managers also receive bonuses. People interested in becoming advertising managers may start in entry level positions such as advertising clerk or advertising coordinator. The median salary for an advertising clerk in the United States is $38,000, while the average salary for an advertising coordinator is $49,000. Most advertising management positions require a bachelor’s degree as well as a few years of experience in the advertising industry. Ideal areas of study for an advertising manager include liberal arts, communications, business administration, journalism, and marketing. Larger companies with large advertising departments may also require a master’s degree. For more information about careers in advertising visit the American Association of Advertising at or American Advertising Federation at

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A good creative director should be the manager and inspirational leader to the creative team. A hands-on Senior Designer,Art Director or Copywriter, creative leader and workflow manager, ensuring the highest standards of creative output by managing the team, their creative output and their ongoing development. The official definition would say that your job is to manage creative projects from concept to completion, translating marketing objectives into creative strategies, and directing the creative team in the production of advertising and marketing collateral. But that’s a very dry description of what you’re actually required to do. The best description is it's your job to create an environment within which people can do their best work. This means ensuring the briefs they're given are clear and full. Presenting and defending their work so that the best of it gets through. And ensuring they get useful feedback from each presentation, so their understanding of what's required continues to grow.

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