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have you tried using two people at a time to open the hood - one to pull on up on the hood while the other pulls the interior release?

only way my '94 Accord would open. (or I prised release open with a screw-driver and pulled the hood myself)

hope it helps

Yeah, I tried that to no avail. The cable seems to be broken at the latch mechanism. I don't think I can remove the grill, either, without the hood open. I can get a screw driver into the hood space but there doesn't seem to be any access to the catch spring. Anyone have any other thoughts? This happened with my daughter's '96 Accord, I don't know if it will work on a Civic. I crawled under the front of the car and "carefully" slid a long metal rod up past the radiator and pushed on the release lever for the hood.

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Q: How do you manually release the hood when hood release seems not connected to cable on Honda Civic 1995?
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