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You are not going to play Halo on your PS2 the game was not designed for the PS2

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How much will halo for PS2 cost?

Halo has not and will never be released for the PS2.

Is halo on PS2?

As High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) is from Microsoft and PS2 is Sony the answer is No

Is Halo for PS2?

No. Halo is for PC and XBox.

How do you connect peripherals with PS2 output to USB input?

Get a PS2 to USB adapter. They are really cheap.

Is Halo 2 on ps2?

no, halo is exclusive to xbox

Can you get halo on ps2?

No, Halo is a xbox/pc exclusive.

Can you download halo 3 heroic map pack on a usb flash drive?

No, it must be downloaded to your HDD from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Is there halo on the PS2?

no never will be

Is halo available on ps2?


Is there a halo game for ps2?


Can you play halo on ps2?

no, halo is a Microsoft only product.

Is there a halo ps2 game?

No Halo is an Xbox 360 exclusive

How do you projectile mod on halo reach with a usb?

Currently there is now way possible to mod with a USB in Halo Reach online.

Is there halo on PS2?

No, Halo has only been on Xbox consoles and PC.

Are there halo games for ps2?

no, Halo has and always will be an Xbox only game.

How do you get to the map foundation Halo 3?

The map, Foundation, does not exist in Halo 3 and is only available in Halo 2.

Can you get halo on the PS2?

Absoulutly, 100%, no.

Can you transfer data from PC to ps2 using a usb cable?

There is a Device which has a PS2 memory card slot with a USB and it can be attached to PC to transfer your PS2 memory data to PC.

Can you play ps2 games on PS3 40gb?

no it was the earliest PS3 that was not PS2 compatible and only has 2 USB Ports and only 4 USB PS3s Play PS2 games

How do you play ps2 games in ps3 system?

First you look for the number of USB ports to determine whether it will play PS2 games. If it has 2 USB ports you do not play PS2 games. The only way you will is on a PS3 with 4 USB ports or a PS2. There are no downloads, updates, modifications, hardware or software purchases to change a PS3 with 2 USB ports into one that can play PS2 games.

Where can you download halo on your usb?

Halo is a first person shooter game from Bungie. It is not really possible to legitimately download the game to a USB stick.

Is halo 4 for PS2?

no halo 4 is only sold for the xbox 360

Can you buy halo reach on PS2?

Halo is only on the Xbox or the Xbox live.

Halo 3 map in lobby?

The map in the halo 3 lobby tells you where people are playing halo on x-box live from.

Can a USB hub work on a PS2?

yes it does

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