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You simply marry him and apply for Permanent Resident status (Green Card).

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Q: How do you marry your Mexican boyfriend who is here illegally if you are a US citizen?
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If your boyfriend is an illegal alien who entered the US illegally how can you marry and make his status legal?

from the best of my knowledge, the best thing to do is to be a u s citizen and then try filing for your boyfriend

If you are a resident of Canada and you marry a Mexican citizen to you become a Mexican citizen?

No. You need to begin the process of naturalization to become a Mexican citizen.

Your boyfriend is in the us illegally how do you make him legal?

marry him

Can a Mexican citizen marry a Canadian citizen while on vacation in Canada?

only men marry with women not citizen with citizen

Can a married Mexican citizen marry in the US?

yes he or she can marry in the U.S

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

How does a US citizen legally marry a Mexican who has a valid tourist visa?

A US citizen who wants to marry a Mexican with a tourist visa may do so in the state in which the US citizen resides. The Mexican national needs only to provide a valid ID; a Mexican passport will do.

Can an American citizen get married to a Mexican citizen in Mexico?

I want to marry a girl America

I am Mexican illegal can you marry an American citizen?

sure whynot

Is it legal for a Mexican already married to another Mexican to marry a US citizen also?

That is called bigamy!

What state can a citizen marry an illegal alien?

You can marry a person who is here illegally anytime in every state. At this time there are no laws forbidding one to marry someone like that.

Can you will become Tanzania citizen if you will marry Tanzanian citizen?

No...not exactly. You would have to migrate to Tanzania to actually become a citizen of Tanzania, or you would have to have be born there.Does marrying a Mexican make you a Mexican? Think of it that way.

Can an American citizen marry a Mexican national in the American consulate in Mexico?

Not really.

If I marry my British boyfriend will he become an American citizen and will I become a British Citizen?

If you marry your British boyfriend, he does not automatically become an American citizen, and you do not automatically become a British citizen. You both have the right to live in each other's country, but you must file paperwork to do so. Citizenship is not automatic.

If a person enters the country illegally then falls in love can he legally marry that person and then stay in the US?

No, they are here illegally and will be until they get a green card or register as a u.s. citizen

Can a us citizen born in Canada marry a Mexican citizen?

This must be a two part question. What would prevent them from marrying?

You are a us citizen how could you get your salvadorean boyfriend a visa to come out here?


How do you become a Mexican citizen if your a USA citizen?

marry a Mexican citizen apply for citizenship after 2 years of been together, move to Mexico work or live there for more than 5 years apply for citizenship

If a Mexican can not be here in the us can you marry them?

Legally you can marry them in Mexico and then bring them back to the US. They are allowed to be in the US if they are married to a US Citizen.

Can your Mexican boyfriend stay here in US after you marry him He been here for 9 years illegally we have children together I want to marry him?

tough. that already happened to someone i know. they are both hiding from the police and no he cannot stay. when the police know both of you might go to jail. you may marry him but maybe somewhere else.

If you marry a Mexican citizen would he become a citizen then or would he have to take the test to become a US citizen?

IF YOU MARRY A MEXICAN, HE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. THE ONLY THING THAT MARRAIGE ESTABLISHES WHEN YOU MARRY A MEXICAN IS PERMANENT RESIDENT ALIEN STATUS FOR HIM. HE CAN ONLY KEEP THIS IF YOU REMAIN MARRIED FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF YEARS. IF HE WISHES TO BECOME A CITIZEN, HE MUST TAKE THE TEST AND PASS. I married an illegal Mexican immigrant and I was told by an immigration officer that he can be deported until we have been approved for a visa number, but that some immigration officers will be lenient if the immigrant has papers with him showing that the process is underway.

My boyfriend got deported can i marriage my boyfriend if I'm in the US and he is in Mexico?

If your boyfriend got deported, you can marry him to make him a U.S. citizen. But remember, the process of becoming a citizen may be a rigorous one. Best luck!

My boyfriend has been here for over ten years illegally I want to marry him how can I?

Go to the court house and get a marriage license.

Can a US citizen marry an illegal Mexican who still married of her illegal Mexican husband?

From what I understand, you can't marry anyone who is already married (unless they divorce their current partner or become a widow)

If you marry a Mexican citizen in Mexico are you still an American citizen?

You never loss you citizenship, unless certain acts of war (treason, defection) are committed. No, if you marry to a Mexican in Mexico, you don't loss you citizenship. You should note, however, that he/she is not granted American citizenship automatically.