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How do you marry your girlfriend if she has overstayed her tourist visa and is working under another name?


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The same way you marry a girlfriend that has not overstayed. Getting married has nothing to do with Immigration law.

However, any falsification on the marriage license can invalidate the marriage. Being in the country illegally will not change based on marital status. If you really want to get married and have a long relationship, consult an immigration attorney.

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Coming from the Polish community, we just recently had a girl that was here 16 years illegal (from 2 to 18) A couple days after her 18th birthday she got married, and thus applied for a green card. Her green card would have been rejected if she wasnt married. She did pay a fine tho for overstaying her visa You also have to file several forms. I-485 Adjust Status- Because she came legally but overstayed I-130 Petition for Relative - Filed by you to claim your wife I-864 Affidavit of support- You have to prove you can support your spouse 125% while her working papers are pending.

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