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Take it to the drug store

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What are max iv in pokemon?

The maximum IV in one stat is 31.

What is typholsion max stat on Pokemon platinum?

Each Pokemon has different max stats. Each individual typhlosion has a different level of maximum stats, so it is impossible to say what the typhlosion's max stats are. There is about a 1 in 20,000 chance that two of the same kind of Pokemon will have the same maximum stats, so it is impossible to say. It's max stats depend on it's nature.

What is the max stat code for Pokemon pearl in action replay ds?

ther is only a max stat code for gba that i know of but if u find out a code plz post it

Where can you find a PP max in Pokemon Diamond?

Right, You cannot get an pp max in Pokemon diamond or Pokemon pearl nor platinum!

What level does feebas evolve in pokemon platinum?

You need to max out its beauty stat, which can be done by feeding it 14 dry poffins, which you make from chesto berries. Then level it up once. It should evolve into milotic then.

How do you evolve a feebas on Pokemon pearl?

max his beuity stat with dry poffins then level him up

How do you get max friendship with a Pokemon fast in Pokemon platinum?

You get a job and stop being a loser and playing pokemon.

How do you turn feebas into Milotic?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you will need to max out its Beauty stat for the contest. To raise its Beauty stat, you will need to make Dry flavored Poffins and feed them to your Feebas. Make sure it has a Nature that does like Dry flavored Poffins. Once you have maxed out its Beauty stat, you'll need to level it up at least once to evolve it.

When dous riolu evolve in Pokemon platinum?

you have to give it max happiness

What is Marowak max attack stat?

His attack stat is 259.

Give party Pokemon max iv in Pokemon platinum?

Infernape GyaradosGiratinaLeafeonDrapion

How many hearts do you need for max friendship in Pokemon platinum?

you need about 40 to 50 hearts for max friendship

How do you get a Blissey on Pokemon platinum?

find a Chancey, and then get it to max friendship and level it up

How do you max a Pokemon loyalty on platinum?

By defeating all 8 gym leaders.

How do you evolve fineon in Pokemon platinum?

You have to level it up to 36 and have max happiness.

Is there a Pokemon platinum code to get max score?

No because that feature was never added to Pokesav.

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