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With a ruler.

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Q: How do you measure the water evaporation from your swimming pool?
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How do you slow evaporation from water in a swimming pool?

Use a solar cover....

How do you measure swimming pool water?

in feet,example:if the side of the swimming pool says 4ft the length of the swimming pool would be 4 feet

Why does putting a cover on a swimming pool stop the water evaporating?

Any evaporation will collect under the cover and drip back into the pool.

What tools would you use to measure temperature of the water in a swimming pool?

A Thermometer

Which unit would measure the amount of water in a swimming pool?

i think its galloons

How to measure a swimming pool?

With a tape measure

What are return lines in a swimming pool?

The pipes that return the water from the pump back to the swimming pool are called return lines. This isn't the "fill line" that puts more water (domestic) into the pool to make up for evaporation, but rather the pipe after the pump and filter.

What unit would you use to measure water in a swimming pool?

Kiloliters or gallons depending on sizeo f the pool.

How do you measure the length of a pool?

you measure the length of a swimming pool in centimeters

Does evaporation cool a swimming pool?

Unless you leave the heater on, Yes

Rash all over legs after swimming in a private pool?

Improper water chemistry - stay out of the pool until they learn how to properly maintain a swimming pool. Last measure would be to test the water yourself for proper chemistry.

What is a wading pool?

A swimming pool,swimming bath,wading pool, or simply apool, is an artificially enclosed body ofwaterintended forswimmingor water-basedrecreation.

Is a swimming pool water a solute or a solvent?

Swimming pool water is JUST water. Water is usually a solvent.

Why a swimming pool colder in a windy day?

I am not sure how significant this is - in other words, how quickly the swimming pool will react. But the idea is that the wind will result in water evaporating faster.

How would you find the mass of water in a swimming pool?

You would measure the swimming pools length, width and depth to determine how many cubic feet of water is in the swimming pool. Length x Width x depth = cubic feet. Then measure the mass of 1 cubic foot of water by building a box 1'x1'x1'. Once you know the mass of 1 cubic foot of water - you'll know the mass of the water in the swimming pool.

How much water is in a swimming pool?

I depends on what type of pool your are swimming at. Like if one pool you are swimming at is 12 feet and a different pool is 5 feet the is going to be more water is the 12 foot swimming pool.It depends on the size of the pool.

How do you measure a above ground swimming pool?

With a tape measure.

What instrument measures temperature of the a swimming pool?

A thermometer is used to measure the water temperature, typically a specially designed pool thermometer.

A swimming pool loses 1 percent of its water during the week due to evaporation if the pool holds 5000 gallons how much water does it lose?

5000 gals x 0.01 = 50 gals

How do you measure olympic swimming pool?

in meters

What does Swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish mean?

it means your swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish.....get out!

What is the evaporation rate of a solar pool heating system on a swimming pool?

Approx. 1.5" to 2" per wk.

Why do you feel cold when you get out of a swimming pool even if the air is warm?

Because the water at the surface of our body begins to evaporate and evaporation causes cooling.

What would you measure with a kiloliter?

Large volumes of fluids such as water in a swimming pool, or air in a room (for aircon).

Why add hydrochloric acid to swimming pool?

Reduces alkalinity of swimming pool water (softens hard water)