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The correct way the measure vital capacity is by using a spirometer.

It can also be estimated this way:

Vital Capacity can be measured with a string, calculator, ruler and balloon, believe it or not. Blow up the balloon and let it out a few times to stretch the rubber. Then take a very deep breath and blow out all the air that you can into the balloon. Tie it off. Pass the piece of string around the widest part of it to measure it. Using the ruler, measure the string. (My VC is very good, it's 4.2, and so my string was about 60cm long.) Divide the meaurement of the string by pi (if you don't have suitable calculator, you can divide by 3.14 on a standard calculator) and compare the number to this chart: Balloon diameter (centimetres:)

is your final number that you got by dividing by pi. Balloon diameter: Approximate vital capacity in litres:

8 0.3

9 0.4

10 0.5

11 0.7

12 0.9

13 1.2

14 1.4

15 1.8

16 2.1

17 2.6

18 3.0

19 3.6

20 4.2

21 4.8 Chart provided by Mark Ash, Graeme Lofts, Merrin J. Evergreen, on page 163 of the Jacaranda Science textbook Book 2.

Theoretical vital capacity:

Look for Vital capacity in Wikipedia for the formula. There are also online calculators.

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How do you measure vital capacity?

i dont' knw

For vital capacity what units are the measurements in?

My vital capacity is 1650cc (Yes, it's very low, but I'm twelve and I'm small). cc is used to measure vital capacity.

What is meant by relaxed and forced vital capacity?

force vital capacity is measure when the patient is ecxhating with maximal speed and effort

What is the name of the instrument used to measure vital capacity and tidal volume?


What effect does smoking have on vital capacity?

Smoking decreases vital capacity.

What is the difference between Forced vital capacity and vital capacity?

there is no difference.

The total amount of exchangeable air is the?

Vital capacity.

How does your calculated vital capacity compare to recorded vital capacity?

tu mama

What is vital capacity of lungs?

the vital capacity of lungs is 3.5 liters to 4.5 litres

What is vital lung capacity?

vital lung capacity is how much air remains in your lungs after you exhale

What is vital capacity?

Vital capacity is the maximum amount of air you can breathe out after breathing in (Nelson Physical Education VCE Units 1 &2) A vital capacity is measured by SPIROMETER.

What might influence ones vital capacity?

bigger body surface area = bigger vital capacity

How can you measure lung size and what does it mean?

One measure of lung size is called vital capacity and it refers to the amount of air that can be inhaled and exhaled forcibly in one breath.

What is a teenage girls vital capacity supposed to be?

A teenage girl will likely have the same vital capacity as an adult woman. About 5 to 6 liters of air would be the vital capacity for a 15 year old female.

How might vital capacity be important to some musicians?

higher vital capacity should help them to go to high pitch

Name and explain the volume that make up vital capacity?

The vital capacity is the maximum amount of air that a person can expel from the lungs.

How does exercise increase vital capacity?

Exercise increases vital capacity because the lungs need more oxygen to supply the muscles with vital nutrients and the tougher the exercise the more nutrients needed. the lungs expand during this to account for the extra need hence increasing the vital capacity

How can vital capacity be decreased?

Vital capacity can be decreased because of smoking. Smoking can cause emphysema which is a disease that makes it very hard to breathe.

How did my tidal and vital lung capacity differ?

My tidal lung capacity was lower. I know the difference because in the tidal lung capacity you are taking in less breath. When you are doing the vital lung capacity, you take in more breath.

What instrument measures vital capacity?


How would pneumonia affect vital capacity?


Is Tidal Volume Plus Residual Volume equal to vital capacity?

No, vital capacity is the maximum volume a person can exhale after taking the deepest breath that they can

What do increased residual volume and decreased vital capacity indicate?

The increased residual volume and decreased vital capacity indicates difficulty in breathing. There are many conditions that can make the breathing capacity to reduce.

How do you measure lung capacity?

You can use balloons to measure lung capacity.

What is the difference between total lung capacity vital capacity and residual?

Vital capacity is a manuever performed to measure the amount of air that your can take in until you feel that you absoslutely can't inhale anymore and then exhale fully. Residual volume is the amount of air left in the lungs after you exhale no matter how much you blow out. This is what helps to keep the alveoli open. and Total lung capacity is the combination of the two of them. VC + RV=TLC