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Meeting a girl seems much easier when you are either walking to the school and you see her or you are leaving to go home. It rarely works while in class or walking the halls at high school because there are too many people around and if young, it's embarrassing for both of you because your peers may tease you. So, if you see her outside the school in the morning (alone) or even when she leave school to go home, either ask her if you can walk her to class or ask her if you can walk her home. Do this a few times and talk about your favorite movies, bands, etc., and get to know each other. After about 2 weeks ask her out. You'll know if she likes you. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you meet a girl at school in order to get to know her better?
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There is a girl I want to get to know better B- she plays Xbox and I know her in school bit it is summer break what should I do?

One great way to get to know a girl better over summer break is to ask her her gaming tag on Xbox and play with her.

What should you do if you know a girl wants to get with you but wants to know you better?

Let her get to know you better...

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If you want to go out with a girl you should always try and get to know her better before you ask her out.

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Some people do fall for people they have never met. But in order for you to get to know the person better you will have to meet.

How can i get to know a girl i really like better?

talk to her

What should you do if you really like a girl who you dont rely know?

Get to know her better.

How do you get to know a girl that you see around school?

Talk to her!

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Step One: get to know her better. Step Two: flirt with her. Step Three: ask her out DONE!

If you have found the girl of your life and you can not stop thinking about her but she is a border at the school you both go to and how do you get her to like you back?

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See what the girl likes and get to know her that is what they love P.S I have a girlfriend!

How do you know if he likes a girl at school?

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Ask her

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A girl in my school has written

How do you get a girl in school?

Well, you know you have to show her to a good time.

How do you i know about the girl how loves me?

The grammer you have used makes no sense -- what is it you are trying to ask? Is your question: "How do I know if girl loves me?" Or is it "How do YOU know that a girl loves me?" Or is it "WHAT do you know about the girl who loves me?" There is simply no way to answer your question as stated. If you rephrase it so that it is clear, we can take a better stab at it.

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How can I get with a girl that doesn't know me we've never met and we have no mutual friends but she goes to my school and is 2 years older then me?

Establish a rapport with her in order to break the ice

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You like a girl but she doesn't know who you are what do you do?

you talk to her and get to know her better that way when you ask her out it will be a for sure YES!

How do you ask a girl on a date if you go to a boys school?

well you can ask a girl that you used to know like one or two years ago and you know what school they go to maybe you could ask that person

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How do you know if a girl says your her friend if you dont know her well and she doesnt know you well what does this mean?

It means she wants to get to know you better

There is a girl you like at school and your pretty sure she likes you back but you dont talk much or anything she might not even like you how do you ask her out?

It would probably be best to get to know the girl better, by talking to her, and learn more about her. Then, try asking her out. * * * * === ===