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How do you mend a broken heart?


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Its really hard having a broken heart. I know the feeling and i can't simply say to you to get over it. But if there are some unsolved problems you and the other person has, you guys need to fix it even though it might not bring you, but at least when you fixed the problems it'll help you a bit. Now, just because you guys broke up up doesn't that you guys can't be friends. So try telling that person that you still wanna be friends. Its okay to cry some times but don't do it everyday though (its bad for you), and it'll take few months/years to get over it, but it okay, at least your heart is now slowly recovering. I advise you not to get another boyfriend/girlfriend just to show him/her off to the other person, no, remember being together means you love each other and you have trust. Friends and a close family relative could help you. Talk to them, don't be shy, I mean you've been there when they needed you, now you need them. Just don't let that ruin your life, i know that this boy/girl might be important to you, but it only means that this boy/girl isn't the one for you. Now there's a lot of reason why you might be broken heart, so if i didn't get it right, just ask again, the might be like What do you do if you have a boy that you love and this boy loves you back but your so far away?.... ;)


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Both are painful but if one is having a heart attack they should be hospitalized immediately since a heart attack is a physical malfunction of the heart that is life threatening whereas a broken heart is more of a mental malady caused by disappointment in love. For this there is no immediate remedy. Only time will mend a broken heart.

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