How do you merge hard drive partitions?

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Answer 1

Go to: Control Panel
Admin Tools
Computer management
Disc management

On the right hand side, you will see your hard drives. Right click near the bottom, and you could see 2 partitions on the same drive. From here, you can then remove the partition, and reformat the drive in question.

Answer 2

You can purchase partitioning software that will help you. Partition Commander seems to be quite intuitive, but go to your local "geek store" and ask which one they recommend.

Answer 3

I added a link in the links section that saved me buying Partition Manager. Windows 7 has this capability built in and I was able to use it to extend the OS partition.
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How do you remove a partition on your hard drive?

Within Windows XP And Windows Vista . Open the Control Panel. . Open Administrative Tools. . Open Computer Management. . In the left pane, under Storage, open Disk Management. . The right pane should show a list of your drives, by letter, above a diagram of what partitions they have if any. ( Full Answer )

How do you partition a new hard drive?

Partition your Hard Drive using Fdisk application in dos after booting your PC via bootable CD. Hard Disks larger that 20 GB may easily partitioned using DM 2000 in seconds. Learn to operate Fdisk or DM2000 any person who know to work on these applications may guide you completely in just 2 - 3 hour ( Full Answer )

How do you resize a partition on a hard drive?

There is an excellent program available for this called "partition magic." It is pretty much the only way to re-size partitions without having to format & thus losing the data. Its not free, but it is pretty cheap for as good as it is. The link below will take you to a list of freeware & shareware p ( Full Answer )

How do you partition a hard drive?

start. control panal. admin tools. computer managent. storage. disk managment. celect the hard drive. right click. shrink volume. enter the amount. then carry on you can get the rest.

How do you de-partition a hard drive?

Start Menu > right click computer and click manage Once you have clicked the administration prompt, on the left side of the screen is a little tab bar, near the bottom should be one saying "Disk Management", from here you can see all of your partitions, all you need do is right click and either shr ( Full Answer )

How do I reformat entire hard drive with multiple partitions and delete existing partitions?

Insert your Windows CD. During installation they will ask if any changes to your hard drive want to be made.. Lwcary 11:31, 14 May 2008 (UTC) Lwcary 11:31, 14 May 2008 (UTC) Lwcary 11:31, 14 May 2008 (UTC) Lwcary 11:31, 14 May 2008 (UTC) Lwcary 11:31, 14 May 2008 (UTC) Lwcary 11:31, 14 May 20 ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to merge partitions on your hard drive?

Answer . One of the safest ways is to purchase a software program, e.g. Partition Magic, which can do this without destroying any of the data that may be on the partitions.. Better way . The safest way is to backup all your data. format HD and repartition with fdisk. Then install your programs ( Full Answer )

How do you undo the partition of a hard drive?

Depends on the OS. (operating system) if you have any type of windows, youre screwed. You'll have to reinstall the OS and you'll loose everything on the computer. If you have Linux, just run the config tool for the HD. it will be hda, or hdb, and you can change them there and just reboot and win.

How do you create multiple partitions on a hard drive?

For this purpose you have to have unlocated space. Then in "Computer Management->Disk Management", right click, create exteneded partion. And in the extended partion you will be able to create a logical partion(s).

Hard drive partition?

A hard-drive partition is the splitting of a hard drive so that it acts as two smaller drives of smaller capacity. This is useful for installing to operating systems on a computer.

How do you add a partition on your hard drive?

The following steps should be taken when adding a partition on thehard drive:1) Open the Start menu and type "disk management" intothe search window.2) Select the drive from the list in the bottompane of the window and split them.3) Right-click on the mainpartition of the drive and select Shrink Vol ( Full Answer )

How can I remove a partition on a Mac hard drive?

Do a full back up of the hard drive. Run Disk Utility which is in the Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder. Select the hard disc in the left pane and click on the Partition button on the right.

How do you de partition a MacBook hard drive?

\nIn the Applications folder is a folder called Utilities.\n. \nIn that folder is an application called "Disk Utility". Open that and then type "partition" into the Help menu's search window. You'll get all you need to know in there.

How do you remove a Linux partition on your hard drive?

I assume you have Linux and another operating system on your hard drive. If so you have to re-partition your hard drive and leave only the operating system you want on it. There are some good programs out there to do just that such as Partition Majic from Norton.

How can you tell how many partitions your hard drive has?

If the computer has a windows operating system and the hard disk has more than one partition, My Computer or Windows Explorer will show each partition as a local drive. For instance, if you have two partitions, My Computer or Windows Explorer will show partition #1 as Local drive c:\, and partitio ( Full Answer )

How do you recover a hard drive partition that was erased?

There are few ways to recover your erased files. One of the ways through specialist. Of course it will be expensive but they can provide you with a better service. The second way you can try using software. But most of this software need to be paid. But it will cost you less rather using hard drive ( Full Answer )

What contains a map to the partitions on a hard drive?

The area on the hard drive that contains a map to all the partition on the drive is called the partition table. That is what partition utilities edit when you add, delete, convert, or resize a partition.

What is the largest hard drive partition for DOS?

The short answer is 2 TB. The long answer is that it really depends on your computer and the version of DOS you are using. DOS relies on the BIOS to access the hard drive. At many points in history, the size of hard drive that a computer could support has hit a major stopping point that could not ( Full Answer )

Reasons to partition and format a hard drive?

Partitions to a drive can only be created when you are doing a full drive format. I will use my own reasons for this as examples. I am always making hardware changes to my computer, things like motherboards, RAM graphics cards, everything. Each time the Operating System has certain drivers installed ( Full Answer )

What happens when a hard drive is partitioned?

Partitioning splits a drive into multiple parts, called partitions. Each partition exists as its own logical unit from the point of view of the operating system. This means that you can have one physical drive which has multiple logical partitions with different operating systems on it, each of whic ( Full Answer )

How many partitions are on a hard drive?

Partitions can be added and removed by the user, they are not fixed (though generally messing with partition tables will require a format of the drive).

What happens when you partition a hard drive?

There is nothing much that happens when you partition a hard drive.You only create different segments with the main partition hostingthe operating system and other relevant software.

What is partitioning a hard drive?

Logical division of Storage area offered by Hard disk into multiple logical disks is called Partitioning.

Do you have to partition a 245gb hard drive?

Yes, you have to partition all hard drives regardless of size. Depending upon the file system you use, the entire 245GB may need to be split up into several smaller partitions. If you use NTFS (Which is wise if you are using Windows Vista), the entire 245GB can be in a single partition.

How do you partition a hard drive in Windows XP?

There are two ways to partition a hard drive that I practice without using a third party software. . The first way is to partition the drive in the set up environment using a windows xp bootable disk. The exact direction are here: . The second way is withi ( Full Answer )

How do you remove unallocated partition on hard drive?

The same way you remove a hole: by filling it. "Unallocated" means that no data or partition is stored there. In order to use the space, you have to fill it, either by creating a new partition or expanding an existing one.

Why four partition of hard disk drive?

Because there are only 64 Bytes(4*16) spaces in MBR(master boot record - keeps the information about partions of HDD and booting information from where computer will boot) for creating four partitions in a HDD

How can you partition your hard disk drive?

Is this a new question? Personally I'd like to partition my hard drive to two partition, one for system and apps, another for data storage: here is an article about how to partition hard drive with Aomei Partition Assistant, may be could help: ( Full Answer )

Do external hard drives have a partition?

Modern disk drive construction more or less requires drives to have at least one partition. Whether the drive is internal or external is immaterial.

How do you delete a partitioned hard drive?

The ability to partition hard drives can provide a range of benefits. But removing a hard drive partition can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing. With a few simple steps, this article will show you how easy it is to remove a hard drive partition without losing information or potential ( Full Answer )

What is hard drive partition?

It's basically a way of dividing the hard-drive into sections. Think of it like a large filing cabinet. The cabinet itself is the equivalent of the hard-drive, while each of the drawers in the cabinet is the equivalent of a partition on the drive.

Can you transfer programs from one partition to another partition on the same hard drive?

Yes. If the program is a standalone program then you can simplycopy or move it to the other partition, then update any and allshortcuts accordingly. Otherwise you must un-install the programbefore re-installing it on the other partition. This ensures thatall registry entries are correctly updated. Y ( Full Answer )

How many active partitions a hard drive have?

Ultimately, it can be limitless, but most hard drives will restrict you to 10. (being 0-9) There are alternate methods used to create many more, but the more partitions you have, the more long term damage it can do to your hard drive. I wouldn't recommend doing more than 5 on a 500GB.

Is it better to partition a external hard drive?

In general , there is no reason to have more than one partition on an external hard drive. There are some specific cases where it might be desirable but you would know if you had a requirement like that.

What are different reasons for partitioning your hard drive?

Data safety in the event of winders screwing up. If you have all your photos etc on a partition with windows installed on another, you can reinstall windows in the event of a serious error without losing your files.

How many partitions can there be on a hard drive?

As far as I know, there can be infinite partitions. Obviously it depends on the size of the hard drive but I know you can easily get 5 partitions on a single hard drive

How do you partition 500 GB external hard drive into three partitions?

You should not have to partition an external hard drive, especiallywith that much space. if you must partition the drive, you candownload a partition manager like PartitionGuru online, and most ofthese programs are for free. They can partition hard drive,external hard drive and USB flash drive. But ( Full Answer )