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How do you migrate Pokemon from emerald to pearl?

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have Pokemon pearl and emerald both in the ds. it will say migrate from emerald on the Pokemon pearl screen. that`s all you need to know.

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If you migrate your Pokemon from emerald to pearl can you migrate it back to emerald?


Where do you get latias in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to migrate from emerald

How do you get CYDYQUIL on Pokemon Pearl?

You need to Migrate it from Pokemon emerald

How do you get a bagon on Pokemon Pearl?

migrate it from Pokemon emerald ruby or sapphire

On Pokemon pearl where do Pokemon GO after you migrate them from emerald?

pal park

What happens if you attach emerald and Pokemon pearl?

ok if u put emerald in pearl, u can migrate Pokemon to pearl. catch them in the pal park

How do you get Emerald in Pokemon Pearl?

To get Pokemon from emerald to pearl or diamond all you have to do is put both games into the ds and start up piokemon pearl/diamond at the menu choose MIGRATE FROM EMERALD then follow the instructions by pressing yes. But remember you can't get these Pokemon back to emerald.Choose 6 Pokemon to migrate and then the Pokemon should be in pearl/diamond.Remember you can't migrate for at least 24 hours.

Where on Pokemon Pearl can you find lotad?

you migrate lotad from Pokemon emerald and ruby, and migrate it in pal park.

How do you migrate Pokemon from black to emerald?

You can't. But you can migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to the Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver and transfer them into Pokemon Black.

How do you get skarmory in Pokemon Pearl?

migrate from Sapphire emerald or ruby

How do you get salemance in Pokemon pearl?

migrate it from ruby, sappahire, or emerald.

How do you get a shelgon in Pokemon pearl?

migrate from ruby, sappahire, or emerald

How do you catch cyndacuil in Pokemon pearl?

you cant you have to migrate it from emerald

Can you get goundon on Pokemon pearl?

Yes, but you have to migrate him from ruby or emerald.

Is rayquayza in Pokemon Pearl?

no you have to migrate from emerald, sapphire, or ruby

How do you catch a totodile in Pokemon Pearl?

This Pokemon is unavailable for capture in this game. In order to get it in Pearl you have to migrate it from Pokemon Emerald version. You can also migrate it from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness.

Were do you get a rakoiza on Pokemon Pearl?

if you mean rayquaza, you have to migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or emerald

How do you get the three reggies on Pokemon pearl?

you have to migrate them from emerald ruby or sapphire

How do you get Registeel in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to trade or migrate it from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

How do you get Rayquaza in your pokedex on pearl?

you have to migrate from Pokemon emerald or trade in the GTS

Where to find bagan in Pokemon Pearl?

migrate with emerald, ruby or sapphire

Can you get a treeco on Pokemon pearl?

Get as starter in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald and migrate.

Pokemon Pearl where to get regice?

you cant get regice in pearl you haft to migrate him from sappire ruby or emerald

Where do you find a Ditto on Pokemon Pearl?

you can't catch a ditto on Pokemon pearl or dimond but you can migrate from fire red or emerald

When you migrate a Pokemon to diamond or Pearl from emerald can it be traded back and how?

I'm afraid not, once you migrate Pokemon to diamond and pearl they can never be returned to their original GBA games.