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How do you mix Buchanan's whiskey?


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There is only one way to mix Buchanan´s.. Ice Whisky and Whisky....please don´t destroy the flavor of this whisky with soda... coke... or water....

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A good mix drink is to mix it with orange juice, carbonated water, and a little bit of redbull. Redbull and orange juice will taste good too.

Coca-Cola. Make a whiskey and coke.

Whiskey can be one of the basic ingredients

You throw the peach away and drink the whiskey neat or with a dash of water.

The best way to mix that whiskey is with pineapple juice and cranberry and there u have a good buchanas mix

Ideally, you can mix any drinks together, as long as YOU like them. As far as Scotch Whiskey, most people simply mix it with spring water. If going for a true mixed drink, the three most popular are: cola, ginger ale, and lemonade. Since lemonade IS popular, it would make sense that you COULD mix it with pineapple juice, since they are both highly acidic with somewhat of a sweet and sour taste.

You CAN, but it probably won't taste good.

mix coffee and Irish whiskey

The most delicious whiskey cocktail was as follows: Squirt some hershey's syrup in your mouth (dont swallow) and then throw back a shot of whiskey. Chase it with some Dr. Pepper.

The 5 Mrs. Buchanans - 1994 Five Buchanans and a Baby - 1.9 was released on: USA: 26 November 1994

In a whiskey splash, you don't add water.TThat is just a whiskey and water, but you would normally use bottle water. A Whiskey Splash is- 1.5oz of whiskey 1oz sweet and sour mix A tablespoon of grenadine 3oz of club soda

The 5 Mrs- Buchanans - 1994 Five Buchanans and a Baby 1-9 was released on: USA: 26 November 1994

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Sure, there are plenty of drinks that do that. Check out my link and do a search for vodka.

Manhattan Sorry, wrong... A Manhattan is whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. Scotch whiskey and 7-Up, which aren't typically mixed, is called a "Scotch & 7" to differentiate from the standard "7 and 7", which is Seagrams Seven Crown whiskey (or any whiskey) and 7-Up. Most Scotches are typically too "full bodied" to mix well with citrus drinks, but some people will even mix scotch and grape soda.

Usually it would simply be called an Amaretto sour. (like a whiskey sour)

Ice -> little teer sec - rest absinthe - shake - add lemon

The 5 Mrs- Buchanans - 1994 was released on: USA: 24 September 1994

Coca-Cola is always a good mixture to add to drinks! Also, depending on how you like your drinks, a good mix choice is rootbeer.

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Whiskey is whiskey because whiskey is distilled in whiskey farms, by distillers of whiskey. My friend who was there at the time of this rebellion, Bethsarh, informs me "I was distraught by the loss of mon3y because my whiskey was not whiskey enough for the whiskey seller in the market of whiskey selling."

A non-alcoholic beverage made by combining a variety of liquid mixers (margarita mix, whiskey sour mix, dacquiri mix, etc). Essentially it is what the kids at an adult cocktail party would be allowed to play with and drink.

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Mix in quantities to meet your personal preference, heat a little, and enjoy.

The main types of whiskey are Malt Whiskey and Grain Whiskey. After that, they are further divided into: Single Malt Whiskey Blended Malt Whiskey Blended Whiskey Cask Strength Single Cask

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