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How do you mix the colour olive drab?


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Green with gray or black depending on your hue of green. The color olive drab is subjective, however, I have seen it used most in the military for the color of hand grenades.

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Blue,red,and yellow will give you olive drab.

baby goldfishBaby goldfish are rather drab until they reach approximately an inch in length. Coloration can vary from brown to olive.

you get dark green like something like olive green

Sherman tanks were olive drab in color

Military green is an olive drab. You could mix it two ways. The first is to mix green and red and darken with a little black if necessary. The second way and perhaps more effective way is to mix yellow and black. This will give you an olive and you can adjust the depth of color by the addition of more or less black. But be careful. Start slowly with the black. Its powerful.

Sea green, seafoam, olive, olive drab, pea green and grass green

Fatiques, OD/OG in color (Olive Green or Olive Drab).

The best way to describe his color is olive drab green.

Yeah, an olive green colour, just not too much black

Popeye the Sailor - 1960 Olive Drab and the Seven Sweapeas 1-92 was released on: USA: 1960

Olive Mix was born on April 10, 1887, in Oklahoma, USA.

Olive Mix died on November 1, 1972, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The standard uniform for US infantry was the M-1941 clothing system was an olive-drab (OD) wool garrison cap, olive-drab wool trousers, an olive-drab wool shirt, a wool olive-drab four button tunic, and russet brown Type I service shoes. The basic Army field or combat uniform for temperate or cool climates consisted of the basic wool uniform, without tie, along with a field jacket or wool overcoat. Boots also replaced the service shoes. Tank crews wore OD coveralls along with the leather "football" communications helmet.

Are you referring to the colour of the flashlight bodies? They're olive drab to match the webbing which is worn, as the flashlights might be worn externally on the webbing. The colour itself is designed to blend in with vegetation... a shiny silver flashlight would reflect light and might compromise personnel in a tactical situation.

Mix Red and yellow colour to get Orange colour. Then mix it with white, you will get a Light Orange colour.

The color that you get when you mix olive green and purple is a brown color. This color is not very appealing to many people.

if you mix the primary colour red, withe the secondary colour orange, you will get the tertiary colour red-orange.

Red and yellow mix to make orange.

During the Vietnam War, it was the "OD" (Olive Drab) or the "Green Machine" or "Uncle Sam" or "Conscripted".

Blackhawk, olive drab, I.T.S. HPFU performance jacket.

the olive oil will form into droplets and not mix with the water

You have a mixture of olive and vegetable oil.

Water and olive oil are not miscible.

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