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How do you move a item from your favorites to My Documents in Windows XP?

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Under your c:\ drive, documents and settings\username\favorites highlight the file you want copy, right click--choose COPY go to the "my documents" folder you want to copy it to. Right click "PASTE"

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How do you move songs into windows media player from I mesh?

You have to download the song first then copy it from your documents into windows music play or just open it from your documents from windows player. Good Luck :)

When you move a file into the windows 7 documents library what is the default folder in which the file is stared assuming the default folder has not been changed from the original windows setting?


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How do you change your favourites on a laptop?

When on Favorites, click on the down arrow where it says "Add to favorites" and click "Organize favorites". Then you can simply move around folders and delete pages as you please.

Can I upgrade windows xp home edition to professional without losing data?

yes, your old windows folder will be renamed to windows.old your program files, documents and settings folder will also be move to that folder as well.

How do you display two documents in Windows 7?

You restore down each document to half the screen size then move one to the right and the other to the left and wow you can see both

How do you import Windows XP Favorites to Vista?

Follow these steps on the computer that you want to import your favorites onto. 1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer. 2. Click the Add to Favorites button , and then click Import and Export. 3. In the Import/Export Wizard, click Next. 4. Select Import Favorites, and then click Next. 5. By default, Internet Explorer imports from a file called Bookmark.htm in your Documents folder, but you can tell it to import favorites that are saved under another name. Click Browse and select a file, or type a location and file name to import, or click Next to accept the default. 6. Select the folder where you want place the imported bookmarks, and then click Next. 7. Click Finish. Notes * To share or move favorites from one computer to another, export or copy the Bookmark.htm file to a disk or flash drive. You can then import your favorites from the disk or flash drive to the new computer.

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