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To get a movie from YouTube into iMovie you will need to convert it into an iMovie friendly format. There are various ways and software tools to do this - the Perian plug-in and VLC may prove useful if you do not have Quicktime Pro (See links below) 1 Open the YouTube page, with the video you want, in Safari. 2 Open Safari's Activity window from the Window menu 3 Find details of the movie page, find the largest file there and double click on it. This will be the movie itself which should now download and is usually called get_video. 4 Once it is downloaded you need to rename it and add .flv onto the end - moviename.flv 5 Open this movie in Quicktime player (if you have upgraded to Pro version) or in VLC. 6 Export the movie in an iMovie friendly format such as mpeg. 7 Import the movie into iMovie.

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How do you put a movie from Imovie on youtube?

You can upload an iMovie movie to YouTube using the built-in option in the iMovie app. All you have to do is hit "Publish" and select "YouTube" as the option.

How do you put a background into a YouTube video?

Edit on iMovie or Movie maker beforehand.

How do you make a webshow on a iPad?

Purchase the iMovie app and upload the movie to YouTube.

How do you get a video you made on imovie onto youtube?

You can use the iMovie built-in publisher to put an iMovie file onto YouTube. Make sure your iMovie application is up-to-date.

Where is the share button on imovie?

In iMovie you use the Share menu to send your movie to YouTube or to export in distributable format or on a DVD created with iDVD. There is no Share button.

How do Load Videos on YouTube from Imovie?

If you are using version 8 of iMovie then you can select YouTube from the Share menu to upload videos.

How do you put a video clip from youtube into imovie?

You have to save it to a flash drive and render it into the part of the movie you want

How do you make a HQ video from Imovie for YouTube?

From iMovie's Share menu select the YouTube option and use a Large or HD setting to export your movie.

If I have a Mac computer and it has a built in camera how do I make videos on Youtube?

You can record movies in iMovie and edit them, or do whatever you'd like. When finished, save it on your computer and upload it to Youtube like you would any other movie. The latest versions of iMovie (from '08 onwards) have a link to YouTube in the Share menu and will automatically prepare and upload the movie for you.

I uploaded a YouTube video directly from imovie 09 and on imovie it says it uploaded but it's not on YouTube?

Honestly, the direct upload from iMovie is not the best thing to do. It is better to export the video file and upload it directly.

What are some good programs for making YouTube videos?

Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker, Apple Imovie (MACS)

How can you make videos on youtube?

For the most part, you will need to have an idea and a video editor. Basic movie editing software include iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.

How do you get i movie on your doc?

Open finder, applications , imovie drag to your dock! If you have to many already there move some!

How do you make an imovie?

You first import your clips onto iMovie, next you add the audio, editing and titles. Lastly you are able to share the clip onto Youtube,MobileMe or iTunes, on the other hand you are able to publish your movie as a video file by pressing Share and then Export Movie. Or once again save as a iMovie file so you are able to come back to it later to finish off the movie.

What software can play Imovie for Windows?

There is no software that can play Imovie for Windows. Imovie is meant for Mac users. For Windows users, they can edit movie by using Windows Movie Maker.

How can you put a YouTube video into iMovie 2011?

Videos cannot be downloaded from YouTube unless the video uploader has provided a download link. It is against the YouTube Terms and Conditions to download videos from YouTube without permission from the uploader. iMovie 2011 does not provide the ability to perform this function.

How can you export your imovie project?

From iMovie's Share menu you can select to send the movie to iDVD, export a movie directly to popular sites such as YouTube or FaceBook or to Export the movie in a variety of formats for sharing with others.

How do you export a file from imovie onto the web?

iMovie's Share menu provides a direct link to your YouTube or MobileMe account and an assortment of options to Export a movie. You will need a hosted web site to upload a movie to if you do not want to use YouTube or MobileMe.

How do i upload videos to YouTube from imovie?

1 (First Answer): If you are using a recent version of iMovie you can upload directly by selecting YouTube from the Share menu. 2 (Better Answer): I know, it's saying the same thing to me!!! Grr.

How do you get imovie on a PC?

You cannot get iMovie for the PC. The free alternative that comes with a PC is Windows Movie Maker. It is not as good in my opinion as iMovie but it is really similar.

Whats the best free video editing software?

5 best free video editing software:Windows Movie Maker 2.6iMovie 4Portable Movie MakervRevealYoutube Movie Maker

Can you edit an exported imovie project?

Yes you can , There are so many different ways to edit on imovie! Autotuning ,cutting clips ,etc.! Anyways if you look up on Youtube how to do certain things with Imovie you'll learn. To export a video is simple! Open Imovie and where you would turn your mac off should be the words Imovie ,file ,edit ,view , text ,share ,window , help. Click share and press Export Imovie. You can also look this up on Youtube if this dose not make sense.

How do you make videos into one video on YouTube?

YOU CANNOT ON YOUTUBE if you have a window PC or laptop use windows movie makerif you have a mac PC or laptop imovie or buy FINAL CUT EXPRESS 4 is expencive $199.99

How Do You Make A Youtube Poop?

First, you need to download a video. (iTunes is good) The, use a program like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Then you can edit it by adding audio and other stuff. Then save it, then go to Youtube and upload it!

How can you open a imovie document in windows movie maker?

iMovie is a Mac product. Windows Movie Maker is a PC product. The two are not compatible with each other. You would have to convert the iMovie into a format used by WMM.

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