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GIRLFRIEND, that question in itself should be your answer. If, You need to use something as your motivation. USE THAT. Everytime you hear your fav song, you walk by your fav restaurant, you go to your local theatre you repeat the words to yourself HE HAS MOVED ON. Everything happens for a reason. If you were meant to be with him then you would have been with him. You have to let go of what could have been and start falling in love with WHAT WILL BE. And what will be is that YOU WILL fall in love again, YOU WILL move on, YOU WILL explore other possible relationships with other people, MALE OR FEMALE, YOU WILL find time to go out by yourself, join a club or two. get your hair did and you nails done, read a book, explore other career options. And if all else fails listen to the song I will survive when you get the feeling and know that WHEN GOD TAKES THE UNDERSTUDY OF YOUR STAGE OF LIFE, HE IS TRYING TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE REAL LEADING MAN.

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Q: How do you move on after 8 years together when he moved on after only days?
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