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Budda said there are 5000 answers for every question,choose one.It's impossilbe to try and find out what is in anyones head.Guess maybe you'll never know in this lifetime.
Forget closure,that only means Oh Pity me I hurt.You hurt because you want to .How dare you inflict pain on anybody but yourself.It's just over that's all there is no explanation nessasery,so dry your tears forget your 14 and find a new and better one to love .It's obvious he didn't diserve you and let's face it, he;s a worn for leaving a smart senative considerate person.So what have you learned from this exsperience,it's not for me to say but if I were you I'd turn over that dead leaf and fine the new bud blooming under it. In Love and Light Fatimakali you just go on with your life find some one better will want to be with you don't go back to your old boy friend he might hurt you again I had a guy that way left me and I had his baby but I love my kid it hurt for a long time but life go's on just be careful okay have a nice life ask him why if he want's you he broke up with okay by

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How do you get a guy to fall in love with you after he broke up with you cause he moved a hundred miles away?

if the guy really liked you he wouldn't broke up with you even if he moved far away but you cant make a guy like you back move on

What does it mean if a guy says im giving you my heart as a present?

That he was broke and he could not afford a present. Move on.

What should you do if you broke up with someone but still like them?

It happens, its not a bad thing but maybe if you broke up a couple of months ago then it might be time to move on, find a guy/girl that likes you and that you have things in common with.She or he will help you move on./

What advice would you give to a guy who likes a girl the longest but the girl has dated his friend and broke up dated someone and broke up and is first back with the first boy should the boy move on?

I would tell the guy that he needs to move on, because it seems as if the girl doesn't like him. If he really wanted to go out with the girl he would come out and tell her that he likes her.

If you broke up with your boyfriend of 8 months 3 months ago and you still like him is it okay to move on to the guy you used to like and tell HIM you like him?

YES!!! please do, we like the "old" guy, who is also the "new"guy, sooo much better!!! JUST DO IT!!!!

Do you forgive a guy who broke your heart?

Only if you really like that guy, but if he broke your heart many, many times then turns out he is probally just taking advantage of you.. But if he is a nice guy and not a jerk then you should(:

You broke up with this guy but you still love him he seemed to move on really quiclky and not really care that you broke up with him?

He obviusly still loves you but you are the idiot for breaking up with him because now you want him back but he doesnt want your skanky aszzx

What to do to a guy whose girlfriend broke up with him?

Get him drunk.

If a girl tells you she likes you and you like her back but she says she has to get closure from the previous guy and you are just left waiting what do you do?


How do you know if a guy who broke up with you wants you back?

Well, the 2 weeks after the breakup the guy usually regrets that he broke up with you. Only 50% of the time though.

How do you get a guy to move in together?

You don't get a guy to move in with you. Just ask and find out what his response is and take it from there.

What are some reasons that your guy friend would avoid you?

Maybe because he thinks you did something wrong or he may not like you. You should ask him. and if he does not answer or give an meaningful explanation, move on. Your friendship would be over.

What do you do if ou went out with a guy and he broke up with you but you still like him?

You should move on, hon. I am a little too sure that you're gonna find something better than that jerk. :D

What if my Ex won't tell me why he broke up with me?

You move on and forget about the guy. you could also ask him why until he goes bonkers, but that's not recommanded because it will always make you seem bonkers.

What does it mean when a guy said to you pitch move?

It is unknown what it means when a guy says pitch move. The best thing to do is ask the guy what he means.

In poptropica how do you move the chair so the guy can untie you?

u move the mouse so it moves to the guy

Why would a guy kiss you goodbye if he plans on not talking to you anymore?

Because he still likes you, but wants to have closure. You parted on good terms.

How do you move the team rocket member in front of saffron gym?

after you get the guy in front of the sliph building to move(he will be asleep) you beat that part and the guy will move

You are dating a guy with a girlfriend you like him so much what can you do to let him broke up with her?

Frame her cheating on another guy

What to do when you like a guy that is gay?

If you a are a guy, talk to him. If you are a girl, move on.

What kind of move should the guy make?

In my opinion the guy should make the first move on the first kiss.

How guy Fawkes died?

he jumped off a ladder and broke his neck

When the guy that just broke up with you tells you your awesome?

Whats the question?

Is Adele marrried?

no but she broke up with a guy (her songs are about that break-up!)

Who is Taylor swifts song i knew you were trouble about?

A guy she broke up with.