How do you move on from a guy when you have no closure and he broke up with you with no explanation?

Budda said there are 5000 answers for every question,choose one.It's impossilbe to try and find out what is in anyones head.Guess maybe you'll never know in this lifetime.
Forget closure,that only means Oh Pity me I hurt.You hurt because you want to .How dare you inflict pain on anybody but yourself.It's just over that's all there is no explanation nessasery,so dry your tears forget your 14 and find a new and better one to love .It's obvious he didn't diserve you and let's face it, he;s a worn for leaving a smart senative considerate person.So what have you learned from this exsperience,it's not for me to say but if I were you I'd turn over that dead leaf and fine the new bud blooming under it. In Love and Light Fatimakali you just go on with your life find some one better will want to be with you don't go back to your old boy friend he might hurt you again I had a guy that way left me and I had his baby but I love my kid it hurt for a long time but life go's on just be careful okay have a nice life ask him why if he want's you he broke up with okay by