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How do you move on when you love your ex-boyfriend who dumped you a month ago after being together 2 and a half years because your mum was interfering but he still loves you?


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I have no idea how old you are, but if you are a minor and your mum interfered then she could have seen some bad in this guy that you couldn't see. Sometimes when we love someone (especially when we are young) there are so many stars in our eyes we don't always know if this person is the right one. If you aren't a minor then he should have made an effort to talk to your mother and he could have settled things with her. Perhaps if he'd given her a chance to know him better she may have changed her mind. I am drifting towards the fact you are a minor, so now it's your turn to start acting as smart as I think you are. Really look at this guy that broke off with you and REALLY see his true characteristics. I bet if you are honest there is some truth into the reasons your mother gave for her not liking him. If he loved you, he'd be there! When I was in my very early 20s I married my boyfriend that not only did my parents not approve of, but most of my friends. I was so in love with love, that I didn't see the danger signs in my boyfriend at the time. I married him, he became mentally and physically abusive and I left him 3 1/2 years later and filed for divorce. It hurt more than if we'd split-up from the beginning. When I finally matured I realized how right my parents and friends were. I was so thankful that I'd never had any children with him and I was free to move on. I dated, had new friend, had a great time and more importantly got to know who I was. I learned that when you are independent enough in your own life and realize you don't need a man to be successful or even live on your own, that's the time you are prime for a mature relationship. I met and married my wonderful husband of 34 years. No matter what your boyfriend was like he was part of your life for over 2 years and you are going through a grieving process. The hurt does go away and believe me when I say that in awhile he will become nothing more than a fond memory. There is someone very special out there for you and you'll end up being glad things turned out the way they did. Good luck hon Marcy


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