Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

How do you move rocks in Pokemon Silver?


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Strength is needed to move rocks, you can get Strength from a sailor in Olivine City in the building next to the Pokecenter.

sorry you can't move silver rocks. you have to get past a certain point first like beat the elite four or something like that

The move deleter in Pokemon silver is located in Blackthorn City.

Any Pokemon able to learn the HM strength can move boulders. To shatter rocks you need the HM Rock Break.

It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

You can break rocks by using the move Rock Smash.

Emboar can or any Pokemon with the move strengh

The answer would be Rocksmash.

You need a Pokemon with the move Rock Smash.

in Blackthorn city is a move deleter

the move tutor is in blackthorn city

The move deleter is in Blackthorn City in Johto Region. Next to the Pokemon centre

you get it from a guy in the forest after you help him get back his bird pokemon

a move in Pokemon to smash rocks so you can get past

if it is not breakable it cant be moved

You cannot as rock smash was not introduced until Gold/Silver/Crystal. You can use HM 04 Strength to move certain boulders though.

Well if you want to move grey, round rocks, you have to have the HM strength but the brown bumpy rocks can be destroyed with HM rock smash. Hope I helped!

I don't think you get a surfboard in silver, I think you get the HM move: surf

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