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Q: How do you move the boulder in the virtual villagers game?
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What happens after you move the boulder in virtual villagers?

two villagers will discover it and thats pretty much the end of the game then after that u would play virtual villagers the lost children and it leaves off where u stopped

What is the idle in virtual villagers origins?

I don't really know I need that to. To be able to move the boulder

How do you complete virtual villagers origins?

You must complete ALL the puzzles, max out all skills, and then the boulder will move, revealing *Spoiler* And ending the game, leading to part 2.

How do you convert blue heathens on virtual villagers 5?

move a master devotee to a one

How do you move the blocking rock on virtual villagers origins?

You have to have a golden child. He or she will do it by themselves eventually

How do you move the rocks on virtual villagers?

You take a builder and you keep on dragging them to the rocks. Keep on trying!

How do you move the rocks on virtual villagers origins?

Go and comPlete all the puzzles then born a golden baby??

How do you move the bolder on virtual villagers 1?

you can not make your villagers move it only the golden child can you get him when you have :the ruins restored,the idol,and level 3 fertailty once you have these things drag a nursing mother to the lagoon he will begin to open it you can not force him he must do it on his own

You are out in the woods and you need to move a boulder that is in the way?

A. move the fulcrum rock closer to the boulder.

How do you move the boulder on the 2nd island in sims 2 castaway?

to move the boulder u have to have a chisel and hammer

How do you get through the fiery cave at the boulder in Pokemon sapphire?

You can move that boulder by using the hidden move strength.

What happends when a boulder blocks tour way and you cant move it in pokemon platinum?

This boulder is probarly a boulder you need the HM strenght for, which eenables a pokemon to move bulders.