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How do you move the rock in front of the cave in victory road in Pokemon white

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Where do you find Heatmor in Pokemon Black?

In victory Road. Outside not in a CAVE

Why is there a stone in front of a cave in victory road in pokemon black version?

terrakion, one of the legendaries, resides in the cave in victory road. after beating the elite 4, the cave should be open. if it isnt, go to mistralton cave ( you need surf to get there), find cobalion, catch it, and check victory road again. the third pokemon, virizion, can be found in pinwheel forest. all 3 pokemon are found at level 42.

How do you get to route 224 in Pokemon?

You go into a cave at Victory Road in front of Rout 223

Where do to catch terrakionin in pokemon black?

At the end of Victory Road, there is a cave that requires strength to get into that has Terrakion

Where can you get Axew on Pokemon black?

mistraltion cave on route six. or breed a fraxure caught at victory road.

How do you get the boulder to cobalion in Pokemon black?

there isn't one in front of cobalion. hes in the cave where you find axew. ( can't think of it.) You might be in victory road with terrakion, or pinwheel forest with virizion.

Where can you find a thunder stone in Pokemon white?

On the floor in Route 9 and Chargestone CaveMay appear in Dustclouds in Wellspring Cave, Chargestone Cave, Mistralton Cave, Challenger's Cave, Twist Mountain, Victory Road, Giant ChasmNote that in Pokemon Black you can also buy one at Black City.

How do you catch terrakion in Pokemon Black and White?

victory road go from the back (pokemon league) and go left go inside a small cave it will be there

How do you destroy the Pokemon web in front of chargestone cave on Pokemon black?

You have to beat the Gym Leader, Clay. He will ask you to meet him at the entrance to Chargestone Cave, and it will be destroyed automatically.

When do you catch terrakion in Pokemon black?

Go to the top of victory road. The cave at the top has two stairs. If you go into the right then you come to a bit with a hole in the wall. This is his cave

How can I find a thunderstone in Pokemon black?

In Pokemon Black and White you can find a Thunderstone in these locations: Route 9 and Chargestone Cave. Sometimes, a dust cloud will appear and you could get evolution stones or Gems. These are the locations where you can possibly find a Thunderstone in: Wellspring Cave, Chargestone Cave, Mistralton Cave, Twist Mountain, Challenger's Cave, Victory Road, and Giant Chasm.

Where do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon black or white?

There are a few places: -Route 6 -Dragonspiral Tower -Wellspring Cave -Chargestone Cave -Mistralton Cave -Twist Mountain -Challenger's Cave -Victory Road -Giant Chasm

Where can you get a shiny stone in pokemon black?

Route 6 and Dragonspiral Tower. To find it by the dust cloud then: Wellspring Cave, Chargestone Cave, Victory Road, Mistralton Cave, Twist Mountain, Challenger's Cave, and Giant Chasm.

What is no 131 on Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

The Pokemon Lapras a water type Pokemon is the 131 Pokemon on platinum and can be found on Victory Road after getting past the guy standing in front of the doorway inside the cave.

Where can you get a gible on Pokemon Black and White?

either get axel (its higher evolution) from victory road found at lvl 40 or get it from this cave that i forgot about.

How do you get Noibat in Pokemon X?

Victory road or Terminus cave.

How do you get Excadrill?

you can only get excadrill in Pokemon black or white games and in one of those games you can find one in the dust at the Pokemon league victory road inside the cave

Where can you find a vullaby in pokemon white?

ha ha ha this is very stupid but vullaby is only found on pokemon black on victory road out oft the first cave

Were is dark cave in Pokemon Black you need the answer?

There is no Dark Cave in Pokemon Black, if you meant the one from the Johto region.

Where To Find Victory Road On Pokemon Emerald?

It is in Ever Grande City. Within that,when you see a Pokemon Center there is a cave and that is Victory Road

Where do you find the legendary in the giant chasm in Pokemon black?

there is a lake there and go in front of it. when you are there, you hear kyerum. then it becmes snowy . You go in the cave and that is where the Pokemon is

Where do you find ghetis in Pokemon black?

In Terrakions Cave after you get the other sages I found Fraxure at the bottom in the broken rock area of victory road

How do you catch Terakion in Pokemon Black?

Go to victory road after you beat the game and there is a new cave you can go through its right before getting out

Where do you catch terrakion in Pokemon black?

first you get cobalion then go to victory road and look for a cave entrance near the exit GOOD LUCK

Where is the victory road in Pokemon Pearl?

Make your way through route 223. When you get to a Pokemon Centre, walk into the cave on the left and you will be in victory road.

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