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With muscles!

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What bones move the arm?

Bones don't move the arm - muscles do.

How do you move and position an arm properly?

What arm?

What happens when you move your arms but the muscle doesn't move?

You cannot move your arm without using the muscle. Unless you use your other arm to move it. You may not be able to see the muscle move, but it must contract in order for the arm to move.

What exercise is good for Arm?

Move your arm in circles

Can you move your lower arm up and down?

Yes. lol If you have an elbow or your arm isn't broken you can move it!

How do muscles work together to move your lower arm?

to move your lower arm up ward, the biceps contract while the triceps relax. the opposite happens when you move your lower arm downward.

How your arm move when it not there?


How muscles move in lower and upper arm grade 8 explanation please?

you move your arm and creates leverage and it moves. kay nerds you move your arm and creates leverage and it moves. kay nerds

How does rampardos learn hammer arm pokemon diamond?

Rampardos learns Hammer Arm as an Egg Move, which the father would need the move Hammer Arm in his move pool to pass down to the Cranidos.

How the arm muscles move the arm?

The arm is made up of two main muscles (biceps & triceps) for the arm to move one of these muscles must contract and the other must relax. Which muscle does which depends on which way you are moving your arm.Additional answerThis does not mention the muscles in the forearm, which mainly move the hand, or the muscle in the shoulder, deltoid, which lifts the arm.

How does your humerus help people move?

The humerus bone is the one in the upper arm, so it is necessary anytime you move your arm.

Can you move fingers if you have a broken arm?


Does the cardiac help the arm move?


What is the function of arm?

To move the hand.

Can you move your wrist if your arm is broken?

No you can not move your wrist if you break your arm. You also cannot move your elbow this is if the break is below your elbow. If the break is above your elbow you cannot move your elbow or your shoulder.

What does the arm help you do?

Your arm connects and lets you move your shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

What do the biceps and triceps do to move an arm upwards?

to move arm upwards, the biceps contracts. Triceps don't do any work here~

What provides the force to move the arm?

Well it all depends on which motion you want your arm to move but basically the bicept tricept or your shoulder

What characteristic of the skeleton enables animal with bones to move?

An arm muscle has to be anchored in two places on the skeleton in order to move the arm.

What is the function of arm bones?

They are a part of your body and your bones. And your arm bones also lead your arm and muscle to move.

How does alligator move?

they move using there powerful leg and arm muscles

Does Your shadow change when you move?

Yes Your Shadow Does Change When You Move,Because Let's Say You See Your Shadow And You Move Your Arm,Your Arm Blocks The Sun And The Place It Is Blocking The Sun From Takes The Shapes Of Whatever Is Blocking,It In This Case Your Arm,So It Looks Like Your Arm,Head,Legs...etc

How does an arm extend?

Well you cant really extend your arm your bones just move it.

How do you move?

its so easy just move! lift your legs up and move them! or wiggle your arm!

Function of the humerous?

The humerous is the upper arm bone. Its primary function is to support the arm muscles and allow the arm to move.