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Stick your head in a tar machine Or you could use a henna?

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Can hair be black naturally?

Yes. Alot of people have naturally black hair.

How to naturally dye your hair black?

Coffee and black tea can be used to naturally dye your hair black.

I have naturally curly hair. How do I get permanently straight hair without having it chemically straightened?

There is no way to make your hair permanently straight if your hair is naturally curly without using any chemicals. However you can use a relaxer once to straighten your hair but it is a chemical or you can also try keratin treatments.

Are there hair relaxers without chemicals in it?

No. The chemicals are what makes the hair straight.

Is Andy sixxs hair naturally straight or curly?

his hair is naturally (slightly) curly, he had black hair also (naturally)

Can a person be born with naturally black hair?

yes i know of a few people who's hair is naturally black.

How does a person with orange hair highlight her hair?

is your hair naturally black dyed blond or naturally orange? If it is naturally orange for for a red color glaze. if it is black dyed blonde turned orange, dye your hair black again... or not what ever.

How do you get white hair to change to black hair naturally?

You cannot

Is there such thing as naturally black hair?

Yeah there is

How to naturally get black hair?

ask lowan

Do black people have black hair?

some black people have blonde hair and red hair naturally and some just dye their hair the way they want it to

What is the quickest way to grow long hair naturally?

To grow your hair naturally all you have to do is eat naturally. My hair broke off badly from putting a perm in my hair. Chemicals can can damage your hair a lot. All you have to do to grow your hair naturally is drink one cup of carrot juice a day. The carrot juice will not only grow your hair but also make your hands softer and your nails grow faster as well. Try this for one to two mouths (when your hair is braided it grows faster) and your hair should grow. DO NOT PUT ANY CHEMICALS IN YOUR HAIR! If you want to wash your hair I prefer you use the stay in conditioner called cantu. If you need to moisturize your hair use extra virgin olive oil or carrot oil. Once you take out those braids and brush your hair. Your hair will be naturally oily! With out any chemicals in your hair!!!

Why does Selena Gomez have brown bangs but black hair?

Her hair is naturally dark brown, her hair isn't black. It only looks it.

How can you turn your white hair to black hair naturally?

you cant just use hair dye

Can black people have blonde hair?

There is a small population of black people with blonde hair that can occur naturally. However, the majority of the black population does not have blonde hair.

Are there black people with red hair?

No, not naturally. Black people are never born with red hair. Their hair would be red only if they dyed it red. Otherwise, it is always going to be naturally black.

What colour hair does Amy lee have?

She naturally has light brown hair, but she dyes it black.

Why is your blond hair turning black?

Age,Health or Chemicals.

Is Ashanti hair real?

Ashanti's real hair is when she wears it plain black and straight. She has naturally long hair. Her hair is naturally curly. Look at her pictures, you'll be able to tell.

What is criss angel's hair color?

Naturally its black :))♥

How do you treat natural black hair when it turned brown?


Can hair go from blond to black naturally?

no your so dumb

Can you tell me how to convert white hair into black naturally?

There is no such thing--as far as I've known--on how to make white hair to black naturally. But, you could possibly pluck those whities off.

How do you get straight hair forever without putting harsh chemicals in my hair?

Buy a wig.

Did justin bieber dye his hair black?

No, Justin Bieber did not dye his hair black. His hair is naturally light brown with the tiniest touch of blonde in it.

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