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ALL animals have their place in he Earth's eco-system ! That applies whether it's a cuddly puppy, a lion, a snake or a frog ! Amphibians (like many other animal species) eat insects - whihc keeps their numbers balanced.

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Why do amphibians need to moisture?

Amphibians bodies need to moist because that is what they breathe through.

Do amphibians need to keep there skin wet at all times?

No, amphibians do not need to have there skin wet at all times. Most amphibians can be in and out of water.

Why amphibians live near water or in a moist environment?

All amphibians need water to lay eggs in, and most amphibians need to have moist skin to live.

Why can't amphibians live in dry places?

Because amphibians need to be moist.

Why do amphibians need to be in water?

because they need to live

Do amphibians need oxygen?


Why do amphibians need kidneys?

Yes, they do.

Do amphibians need milk?

No, amphibians don't need milk. Since they can't produce any, they wouldn't have survived if they needed any.

What Distinguishes amphibians from reptiles?

Amphibians can absorb oxygen through their skin - reptiles need to physically breathe.

Why do frogs like rain?

Frogs are amphibians, and amphibians need to keep their skin moist, and rain helps with that.

Why do amphibians need a source of water?

Amphibians are vulnerable to dehydration because of their thin skin. They need to stay in moist places and can not survive in dry places for long.

How do amphibians get the water they need to live?

they absorb it in their skin

Do amphibians need water to breed?

BREED means to reproduce. Amphibians need to live near water to "breed" because their eggs have no shell to maintain a liquid environment.

Why do amphibians need a moist habitat?

Because they need to keep their skin moist

Why are amphibians restricted on where they can live?

Amphibians can breathe through their skin, so water can exit and enter them easily, so they usually need to be near water. some amphibians don't even have lungs, so they need to be in water almost all the time.

Do amphibians have internal fertilization?

Amphibians undergo external fertilization and need to do this in the water. Both the male and female amphibians release their gametes close to each other after which fertilization will take place.

Why are most amphibians unable to tolerate in desert biomes?

They need water, because amphibians spend a lot of time in water. There are not enough places in deserts with large quantities of water for amphibians to swim in.

Do all amphibians live in the water?

No, but all of them need water.

What organism need water in order to reproduce?

Fish and amphibians.

Do adult amphibians need a water environment?

Yes, the skin of amphibians is not water proof and will dry out (and kill the animal) if there is not enough moisture in the environment.

Do frogs live on land and in the water?

Yes, frogs are amphibians and amphibians can live on land although they need to return to water in order to breed.

Why are amphibians are dependant on water?

Amphibians are dependant on water, because they have pores in their skin, and need to take a dip so they don't dry up.

Do amphibians need water to reproduce?

Yes, Amphibians need water to reproduce. They generally lay their eggs in water. They young hatch with gills instead of lungs and spend the beginning of their lives in water.

Similarities between mammals and amphibians?

have a backbone, need air, need water, and reproduce

Why do amphibians like moist area?

they need to keep there skin moist

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