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Contact an insurance broker. Many brokers have in-house authority to bind coverage. When I have written these, it has been on a "number of participants" basis. Have the county's insurance requirements available, if possible.

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Q: How do you obtain 'event' insurance?
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Can you obtain weather insurance for outdoor event?

You can certainly get event coverage that will incluse weather related problems.

Where can one obtain Event Insurance that also covers weddings?

One may obtain event insurance that also covers weddings from "Markel Event Insurance". The site explains what type of coverage is included on issues such as gifts, rental equipment and all other aspects relevant to weddings.

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Where can one apply for event cancellation insurance?

One can apply for event cancellation insurance online on websites, such as Expo Plus, K&K Insurance Group and Private Event Insurance. Event cancellation insurance is designed to protect event organizers.

Where can you get living history liability insurance?

This is known as "Special Event" Insurance. It's no different from coverage for a one day or short term carnival, parade or rodeo.You can obtain this specialty coverage through any insurance agent or company that offers event insurance.AnswerReenactor and living history liability insurance along with supplemental medical insurance are available if you join The Reenactors Performance Group. This professional organization provides comprehensive insurance with membership, it covers you at event, when hosting an event, and personally if you get hurt.

From where can one obtain sports insurance?

There are many places where one can obtain sports insurance. One can obtain sports insurance from popular on the web sources such as Saider Sports and Fantasy Sports Insurance.

How does one obtain trucker's insurance?

There are many ways one can obtain trucker's insurance. One looking to obtain trucker's insurance should contact insurance companies such as Gieco, American Family Insurance, and State Farm to receive a quote.

Can someone who has a DUI still obtain automobile insurance?

yes they can obtain high risk auto insurance.

Where can someone obtain transport insurance?

There are many ways one can obtain transport insurance. One can obtain transport insurance by visiting popular on the web sources such as 123 movers and Progressive.

Where can one obtain sports travel insurance?

Sports travel insurance is offered by companies such as DOGTAG, SportsCover Direct, and Harrison Beaumont. This type of insurance provides compensation in the event of an accident while an athlete is competing far from home.

Where can one get special event insurance in UK?

There are a number of companies that offer special event insurance in the UK. Some of these companies are 'Tennyson Insurance', 'Event Insurance Services', 'Bruford Vallance' and 'Hiscox'.

Where can one purchase events insurance?

One can purchase events insurance from The Event Helper and Insure a Party. One can also purchase events insurance from One Day Event and Private Event Insurance.

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