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You have to contact to some travel agent who specialises in that.

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Q: How do you obtain a licence for haj tour operator in India?
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Different types of tour operators?

domestic tour operator incoming tour operator outbound tour operator speacialist tour operator

What is a wholesale tour operator?

What is a wholesale tour operator?

What are the different types of tour operators?

1. domestic tour operator 2. incoming tour operator 3. specialist tour operator 4. mass market tour operator

What are the different types of tours?

1. domestic tour operator 2. incoming tour operator 3. specialist tour operator 4. mass market tour operator

What is the meaning of domestic tour operator?

A domestic tour operator is a tour operator that organises tours in their own country, as opposed to an international tour operator who brings people for tours to other countries.

Which tour operator is a domestic tour operator?

The local tour operator who provide accommodation, transportation in a standard tour packages called a good domestic tour operator. Bhutan Men-Lha Adventures offer Trekking tours, birding tour, biking, Adventure Tours in Bhutan.

What is the importance of tour operator in tourism?

A tour operator typically combines tour and travel components to create a holiday.

Role of tour operator in India?

The most important role of tour opeartor to making your trip to sucessful and enjoyful with safety. They plan, arrange and execute tours or packages, and advertise it. If you are planning to India tour then check the first reputation of the tour opeartor and read the feedback of customers online. second check the budget and itineraries that suit according to your trip. I would like to share some of the best tour operator in India like, Festive Tours, Makemytrip and Yatra etc.

What an outbound tour operator do?

An outbound tour operator provides package holidays FROMthe UK to overseas where as an inbound tour operator provide package holidays TO the UK from over seasAnd a domestic tour operator provides holidays to the UK within the UK

The difference between a mass market tour operator and a specialist tour operator?

A mas market tour operator will create thousands of holidays the same, i.e you buy whats on the shelf, however a specialist tour operator will put your holiday package together for you, with what you want

What is tour operator functions?

A tour operator is an organisation like "Bolbom Tour Operator" who arranges and prepares all needs for you to have a hassle-free tour that you want. In short, it's a kind of company through which you can get all solution for all needs for your trip.

What current career can be categorized as either a travel agent or a tour operator?

what career can be catagorized as a travel agent or tour operator

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