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Call the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles, or whatever it is called there, and ask them.

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Q: How do you obtain a lost vehicle title in Georgia?
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How do you obtain a vehicle title in your name if the owner of the vehicle has lost the title?

The owner of the vehicle needs to call the DMV and pay for and order a new copy of the title to turn over to you.

Find lien on lost title of vehicle?

If the vehicle has a lien, the title shouldn't be lost, the lienholder should have it. Once the vehicle is paid in full, they will mail you the title.

What is required to obtain a lost Florida vehicle title when the the previous owner has died?

What?? Downloads the software? Who downloads the software in the first place?!

If you bought a salvaged vehicle how do you get the title?

You can file for a lost title

How do you buy an unregistered vehicle in California?

Obtain a bill of sale and the signed title. Take the car and your paper work to the DMV. Pay them lots of money. If the title is lost the owner of the vehicle needs to get it back from the DMV first.

Can a vehicle be registered if you have already applied for a lost title?


How do you file for a lost vehicle title in Arkansas?

Get a hold of the motor vehicle department in your state and explain the problem, they will get you a new title.

Can a title be transfeered if the seller has lost the title?

You must have a title to sell a vehicle if the new owner plans to title the vehicle. If you are selling the car for "parts only", and not planning to put the car back on the road, then you can sell it with a bill of sale only. If they want to title the vehicle, you need to go to your local DMV and apply for a lost/stolen title. Once you get the duplicate title, then you can sell the vehicle.

You bought a car but the guy you bought it from does not have the title how do you get your title?

Lost Vehicle TitleGenerally you can apply for a lost title through your state Department of Motor Vehciels or Department of Licensing. It may make it easier if the previous owner goes with you (assuming he is the registered owner). States normally require that a previous owner notify them that a vehicle has been sold. In addition: You will have to submit an application for a lost title/damaged title. I believe only the registered owner of the vehicle from when it was title originally can obtain a replacement.In Ca the lost/not received/transfer form is available at DMV thiis is used for sale on auto where seller still has the title and never transfereed to themselves yet so has no "title" so you include additional title (form is a blank need to fill out all info on vehicle , seller, and buyer turn in with the other title(the one your seller never turned in for themselves, or you can use the lost/not received/transfer form if the other has been lost

What do you do if you lost your vehicle title?

If you had the car titled in your name and just lost the title you can go to the court house can tell them you lost the title and they will make you a new one. This will cost you around $10

How do you obtain a boat title in Illinois if that boat was given to me for free with no title?

you have to go back to original owner and have them apply for lost title

How do you get another copy of a car title?

If you need a replacement for a lost title you must contact you state Motor Vehicle department and pay a lost title replacement fee.

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