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They must get their passport in the country they are in. There is no way for you to get someone else's passport. Sending them the money to get it would be the only way you can help. As far a visa is concerned (which you didn't mention) It is helpful if you write a letter inviting them so they can take the letter to the US Embassy and apply for a tourist visa in Mexico.

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Q: How do you obtain a passport for your mother and father-in-law to travel from Mexico and stay for about two weeks?
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Jamaican citizens don't require a visa to travel to Mexico; all they need is a valid passport.

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Yes they do, they will need a passport in which they can obtain from the Mexican Consulate (Consulado de Mexico). Below is the website in which you can find the nearest location to you. Hope this helped

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If you are planning travel to Mexico from South African, the passport holders do require a visa. Please contact your embassy for further details and all necessary forms to apply for the travel visa.

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Sure, if they intend to go on vacation and then return to Mexico. However, to enter US territory, they need a passport and a Visa, which sometimes is difficult to obtain.

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Check with the Mexican embassy or consulate to see if you need one. You may not need anything more than your passport.

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Where to filipino passport holders obtain a Mexico visa?

You can obtain this at the Mexico Embassy Located in Manila. The address is G.C. Corporate Plaza 2nd Floor 150 Legaspi Street Legaspi Village Makati City Manila 1229 Philippines Telephone: (+632) 812-2211 Fax: (+632) 892-7635 Email: The Mexico Consulate is in Cebu.

How do you get the passport renewal forms to obtain Cuban passport?

You can actually download them online of have them in person at the nearest passport processing center for Cuba or a consular office.

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No, you must be a citizen of the United States to be eligible for a passport from the US