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From the Federal Trade Commission: is the ONLY authorized sourceto get your free annual credit report under federal law.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act guarantees you access to a free credit report from each of the three nationwide reporting agencies - Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion - every twelve months. The Federal Trade Commission has received complaints from consumers who thought they were ordering their free annual credit report, but instead paid hidden fees or agreed to unwanted services. Don't be fooled by TV ads, email offers, or online search results. Go to the authorized source when you request your free report. You can request your free report online, by phone or by mail. Visit, call 1-877-322-8228, or fill out the Annual Credit Report Request form and mail it to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. No matter how you request your report, you have the option to request all three reports at once or to order one report at a time. By requesting the reports separately, you can monitor your credit more frequently throughout the year.

File a Complaint -The FTC wants to hear from you if you paid for what you thought was your free annual credit report.

SPAM - The FTC also wants you to forward us any unsolicited emails you've received offering you a free credit report. Send them to Refer to links below

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Q: How do you obtain free credit reports from the major reporting agencies?
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Where can one obtain their credit reports for free?

A free credit report from all three major credit reporting companies can be obtained yearly by visiting each company's website directly. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) enables everyone to obtain these reports from the three major credit reporting companies once every 12 months. There is no fee associated with requesting your credit report from any of the three credit reporting companies.

What are the advantages of a merged credit report as opposed to requesting your credit report from one of the major credit reporting agencies?

The advantages of a merged credit report as opposed to requesting your credit report from one of the major credit reporting agencies include the ability to obtain a report from multiple sources at the same time and get a total report of a persons credit. You can learn more about Merged Credit Reports from the MicroBilt website. Once on the page, hover over Credit Data in the menu and click on Merged Credit Reports to bring up the information.

What are the methods to request your credit reports in Canada?

There are a few ways to obtain a copy of your credit report in Canada. The easiest way is to log onto Equifax Canada or TransUnion's website. If you do not have internet access you can mail in a request to the reporting agencies. You also have the option to call those agencies and request a copy.

How do you report someone who owes you money to the credit reporting agencies?

If you are not a company that reports unpaid debts to the credit bureau's, you can turn the debt over to a collection agency who does report. The other way is to obtain a judgment against them and it will automatically be reported by the courts.

What is the procedure to obtain free credit reports from the three nationwide credit reporting companies?

In order to obtain free credit reports from the three nationwide credit reporting companies in the UK you would need to sign up to a trial with them online. The 3 companies are Experian, Equifax and Callcredit. You need to make sure you cancel your membership after the free trial if you do not wish to pay any money.

How would you be able to get a free credit report online in the state of California?

Check out to obtain credit reports from all three agencies online.

Where can one look up his credit card rating?

If someone wishes to view their credit rating, the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows that person to contact any credit reporting agency to obtain a copy, for free, once per year. The three major credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

How do you obtain a copy of your credit report?

Consult the websites of any of the three reporting agencies.,, All of them will have information on how to obtain a credit report either by mail, phone or in some cases online.

Never Pay For A Credit History Report?

Never pay for a credit history report. It is now possible to obtain a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies once a year. Be smart and request a free report from each agency every four months so that you can stay current year round. Also, if you ever apply for credit and are turned down, you may request a free credit report from the credit reporting agency the credit check was obtained from. Credit reporting agencies also offer reports during their free trial memberships. Simply cancel your membership before you are obligated to pay anything.

If you paid off all of your collection accounts after being turned down for a mortgage how should you try to improve your credit?

What you need to do is obtain a copy of your credit report. These are agencies that keep track of people's debts and credit ratings etc., and whenever you apply for a loan or credit card or mortgage etc., the bank obtains these reports from these agencies. There are 3 major credit reporting agencies in the USA, and you can get a copy of your credit report from them for free, or for a minimal fee. Study it to see if there are any errors, or debts which have been paid off etc. Then you have to write to the credit reporting agency and ask them to make the specific corrections, or remove erroneous information. Then it is up to them to prove that the information is wrong, or remove it.

How can one obtain copies of credit reports form all three credit reporting services?

Credit score reports can be obtained using an online service that collects your credit score information from various resources after you input your valid data. Companies that provide such service are Experian, Equifax and CheckMyFile.

Where can one obtain Dun and Bradstreet credit reports?

One can obtain Dun and Bradstreet credit reports through the company's website. One can obtain a Credit Evaluator Plus report for $61.99. One can obtain a Business Information Report for $121.99. One can obtain a Comprehensive Insight Plus Report for $151.99. You can obtain D&B credit reports on line at

How can one obtain free 3 credit reports?

For those looking to obtain 3 free credit scores and credit reports they may be able to get it from the Free Score website. The site offers 3 free credit scores and credit reports from 3 credit bureaus.

Where can one get a Free Credit Report Canada?

In Canada there are two major credit-reporting agencies: TransUnion Canada and Equifax Canada. You can consult their respective websites in order to obtain more information about how to get your free credit report.

How is a judgment placed on someone's credit report?

Judgments are a matter of public record, anyone can have access to those records. Credit bureaus gather this information independently or obtain it from reporting agencies like Intelius.

Where one get a free Equifax credit?

One can obtain a free credit score from Equifax by going to their website. You can do this once a year for free from Equifax and the other two major credit reporting agencies. You can obtain a free credit score by signing up for an account on their website or by contacting them at 1-877-322-8228.

Where can one obtain a free annual credit score?

Equifax offers to send a free credit report including score once a year. It is only the Equifax report and does not include the other two reporting agencies.

Where can one get all 3 credit reports at once?

It is possible to obtain all 3 credit reports at once through Equifax. Your three credit bureau reports will include reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Where can one get a credit report for free?

At Annual Credit Report consumers can obtain their credit report from the three major reporting agencies for free. This is protected by a law that was passed in congress several years ago. Other sites advertised often ask for a credit card.

Where can one order a copy of their personal credit report?

There are different ways to order a copy of your credit report. However, the easiest and safest way is through mail or by internet. Another way to obtain your credit report, is through the reporting agencies' websites.

How can I obtain my 3 free credit bureau reports annually online?

I recently received an email from a place online called Free Credit Reports 360. You can get all 3 credit bureau reports from them.

How do you find out about your credit rating? By law you can obtain a copy of your credit report from all 3 major credit reporting companies every 12 months; the credit scores unfortunately will cost you, that was not part of the law. I "HIGHLY" recomend that you do not pull all 3 reports at the same time. You should spread them in 4 months each. By doing so you can work on inacuracies on one reporting agency at a time and, since you will obtain a report every 4 months you ensure there is no "Identity Theft". Additionally if you have disputes you want to work on 2 at a time. The credit agencies may not be too cooperative when they see someone trying to do a quick fix on their report.

Can a debt collector inquire in your credit history in wv?

Yes, and they very often do. It is a common practice for creditors and larger collections agencies to obtain credit reports in an attempt to recover a debt. Credit reports provide a tremendous amount of information. This information can be obtained through countless other means, but the CR puts it all right there at their finger tips.

Are credit reports free to obtain?

By law, they can be obtained freely once a year from each major credit bureau.

How to Obtain a Free Credit Report?

You are entitled to receive a free credit report each year from the three major credit reporting agencies – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Upon request, each agency will provide a copy to you in one of three ways: by calling the toll-free number, 877-322-8228; completing a form that is available from the Federal Trade Commission; or, by going to, the website that is authorized by each agency that allows consumers to access their credit report online.You have the option of requesting all three credit reports or just one at a time within a 12 month period from the online site. If you decide to request your credit report directly from the credit reporting agencies, you might be charged a fee unless certain criterion is met. The general requirements to receive a free credit report directly from the reporting agencies include: being denied for a loan or job based on information in your credit report; living in a state that offers free credit reports to residents; and, if you have applied for unemployment insurance or are receiving public assistance.Information in the Credit ReportYour credit report contains information regarding your payment history with various types of accounts such as credit cards, revolving accounts and student loans. The debt to credit ratio is also listed. Additionally, previous employers and resident addresses are included.Beware of ScamsThere are many web sites which claim to offer free credit reports, but are actually scams that could cost you. is the only site that is federally mandated and authorized by the three credit reporting agencies to provide a free report without hidden fees. Some web sites are not scams, but are also authorized by Experian, TransUnion and Equifax to market additional services.The imposter web sites may use 'free report' in their web address. Others might misspell the name of the authorized site on purpose in an attempt to redirect you to sites that collect consumers' personal information or to sell other products. Still, there are other sites that make claims of offering free credit reports, credit scores or credit monitoring. Many of these products have strings attached. When you accept the offer, it turns into a trial period. If you do not cancel, you may incur charges to your credit card.